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Neverland Pool Party July 2

neverland  gay party


The Neverland Pool Party is back! One of the most unique summer parties in Chicago (the ONLY big LGBT dance party with a pool) returns for 4th of July weekend on SATURDAY, JULY 2nd. All-day party from noon-8pm with music by Neverland alum DJ JALIL Z (Miami).  Deuce’s and the Diamond Club 3505 North Clark Street,  Chicago, IL 60657


PRIVATE CABANAS: There are 8 private poolside cabanas. Purchase of a cabana comes with a premium bottle of Belvedere vodka & mixers, and admission for 4 people.


VIP POOLSIDE LOUNGE: There are 2 premium VIP poolside lounges; chic setups along the pool with sofas, a bottle of Belvedere vodka & mixers, and admission for 4 people.


**BEEFED-UP SOUND** provided by ILC, the masterminds behind Neverland’s Metro stage installations & lighting.


or Egoist Underwear (3526 N Halsted) has hard-copy tickets (no service fee) for $15 to the pool party.



Gay Palm Springs Hotel Deal




 Picturesque Palm Springs  is known for its hot springs, stylish hotels, golf courses and spas. It’s also notable for its many fine examples of midcentury-modern architecture. Its core shopping district along Palm Canyon Drive features vintage boutiques, hip interior design shops and buzzy restaurants. The surrounding Coachella Valley offers hiking, biking and horseback riding.

INNdulge is THE GAY PLACE TO STAY!  A Legendary gay resort in Palm Springs with a tropical pool/hot tub, free breakfast, Wi-Fi & a gym in a relaxed space.    WINTER  SALE  RIGHT NOW!!  Only A few rooms  left!

(December 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016)
Pay for one night and get the second night FREE!
Excludes Friday, Saturday and holidays

Best Chicago Hotel Pools


We love the site THRILLIST!  They  are  obsessed with everything that’s worth caring about in food, drink, and travel.

In a recent article, they visited 14 top hotel pools around Chicago to see which were easily diveable and which were just plain impenetrable.  You would be surprised how easy it is to get into  some of the pool areas  for FREE!

Check these out!



Don’t Tell Mama February 24th

dont tell mamA

“Don’t Tell Mama” Opens Tuesday Night, FEBRUARY 24th!!!

Reserved Tickets Almost Sold Out, Get Your Tickets Today!!

Join Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus this Tuesday night, February 24th, at Laugh Factory for the opening of “Don’t Tell Mama”. The show features 30 CGMC cast members bringing to you the hit music of Kander & Ebb—from Cabaret to Chicago, and more.

Tickets still available online. Door sales will be available, but prices go up $5 per section. So grab yours today. 

chicago gay mens chorus




heatwave chicago private party


There is a polar invasion in the Midwest…..

but don’t fret…HEATWAVE  IS ALMOST HERE!  After  more than 1 year of planning, the party, like no other, is arriving this weekend. BUT IT’S  ALMOST  SOLD  OUT!

24 hours at Key Lime Cove.  We bought out the ENTIRE COMPLEX and portions of rooms booked  will go the benefit the Chicago Gay Mens Chorus!

400  rooms.

12 hours of music with 4 DJ’s  and  CAZWELL!

Don’t want a room?

Can’t stay the night?

Get a party ticket  for  $85.

Room packages  start at  $200  for  2 people  for  24 hours!

Yesterday  EVERYONE wis trying to call and book rooms for Heatwave.  Is that a Midwest thing…waiting to the last minute?? LOL – Because this is a special private event, each reservation can take time to process and answer everyone’s questions – hence, phone hold times may be annoying.

SO, WEDNESDAY NIGHT (Nov. 12th)  8pm-10pm the Key Lime Cove folks are coming to Scarlet Bar (3320 N. Halsted)  to do reservations live one-on-one in person. And we only have about 50 -55 room packages left – where you get a room and party admission! So if you have not booked a room yet – come on out and book your room and we’ll celebrate with some Fireball shots on me!!

heatwave phone calls

An event like Heatwave HAS NEVER BEEN DONE.  You do not want to miss this!

Friday night we’ll be at Scarlet bar for another event –  Heatwave Kick Off Party!



Come hang with Trannika Rex,  designer Traver Rains and the fabulous Jasen Kaplan!




Mr Heatwave Contest at Scarlet Aug 21st

mr heatwave chicago SCARLET BAR

DRUM ROLL please………………..
Announcing the Mr Heatwave

contest for 2014!

On Thursday August 21st, there will be MR HEATWAVE 2014 contest at Scarlet bar.

3320 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657

Event is  7-10pm. All Interested contestants can IN BOX ME on Facebook saying they are interested. OR that evening in person between 7-8pm!

Wear your sexiest and hottest look.
It’s not necessarily about the best body.
Be fun and creative. Show your personality!

It’ll be a very simple process.
Maybe a fun question or 2.

Attendees in the club will cast votes for their favorite guy.

Winner gets a $600 package that includes free room for 2 for the Heatwave event, 2 tickets for the Heatwave Recovery Gospel Brunch, a 2 hour professional photo shoot, and 2 tickets to OUT IN THE PARK @ Six Flags.

Top 2 runners up will get a Swag Bag of goodies.

FREE Pizza from BoJonos Pizza will be served at 9:00 while votes are counted. and Scarlet will offer a special Ketle One + Red Bull Heatwave drink for the evening @ a special price!

Join us at 7pm to enter the competition or cheer on your friend to help them win a prize package worth over a $600!

Hopefuls should come dressed to impress. Audience votes will choose the winner so grab all your friends!


In case you did not know…..

From the producers of OUT IN THE PARK @ SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA comes a brand new charitable event! The country’s FIRST EVER 24-hour PRIVATE LGBT Indoor Poolside Dance Party and Water Park Celebration. HEATWAVE!

Taking place at Key Lime Cove, right across the street from Six Flags in Gurnee, IL. Key Lime has an amazing 65,000 square foot INDOOR water park where it’s always 82 degrees! and a complete hotel resort attached.

The 24 hour event will begin Saturday, November 15th, 2014 . Room/Party Packages $98 Per Person/double occupancy, includes ROOM + PARTY TICKETS! ONLY 400 rooms and at press time, it was a little over half sold out. (You must say HEATWAVE event when calling Reservations 1-877-360-0403).

Five DJ’s and 12 hours of music with 9 hours inside the waterpark! Cazwell, Traver Rains, Trannika Rex, Austin Armacost, hot models and fashions by J Prince Studio – it’s going to be Epic fun! Restaurants, bars, coffee shop, ice cream, spa, massive arcade..everything you need for 24 hours is one complex.


Skin Productions BEACH at HYDRATE July 18th

skin productions BEACH at hydrate chicago

Chicago’s #1 underwear party returns to Chicago’s #1 late night dance bar!


Come out to Hydrate on Friday, July 18 for the hottest, most daring party to hit the strip. Skin productions presents BEACH!

You’ve worked hard on your body, you’ve taken it to the beach, now we’re taking the beach to you! Come out wearing your sexiest underwear and prepare to dance the night away to the beats of DJ ROLAND BELMARES!

Party goes till 5am followed by  the official after-hours at STEAMWORKS, where the fun does never end!







It’s not till November – but this WILL SELL OUT MUCH SOONER!



Tips for Getting Lean for the Beach Body You Desire

summer beach body fitness

It’s good to have  fitness priorities but you cant use them as an excuse for bad nutrition. Whether you want visible 6-pack abs or not, its important to stay lean. Or height / weight proportionate. Obesity is the #1 health problem in much of the world. Carrying more weight then we should be is NOT GOOD for your overall health. Good nutrition is  hard work and it is extremely important for our bodies. Its also very important to point out that are many health reasons to reduce your body-fat other than getting visible 6-pack abs.
mens fitness abs Swimwear-

Many of us want the perfect beach body. Or a better beach body than we may have now. Everyone has  different criteria for their “beach body”. Some want  a six pack while others just want to shed a few pounds of winter weight, lower their body-fat and look better in their swim suit.

beach body doing crunches six pack abs

1,000 sit ups and still missing that perfect 6 pack?”  asks Chicago personal trainer and dancer Koby Grant (Koby G Fitness).

Hey,  if you can do 1000 sit ups – you are probably doing them wrong. I don’t know anyone who can do 1000 sits up a day and use good form.

If you are using good form, your abdominal muscles will start to hurt after a  while of working them. Focus on quality, not quantity. AND DIET.  If you can’t see your abs, it’s not an issue of “muscle development” at all. We all have abdominal muscles.  If you can’t see them, you simply have too much body fat covering up the ab muscles.

Maybe your goal is just to  get a better body or dropping a few pounds. Either way, it’s going to come down to diet and exercise. There are no shortcuts.

koby grant fitness trainer model dancer

We imagine what our bodies will look like laying on the beach after we just left the gym. Going to the gym is not a guarantee of the perfect body but more of an opportunity to obtain that dream,” says Koby Grant, performer, fitness trainer and owner of Koby G Productions. (right and below).

How much effort are you actually putting forth in the gym? Of that 100% effort level, where do you rank yourself? Creating short term goals is the best way to measure this. Creating yourself an obtainable, realistic short term goal is the best way to hold yourself accountable for how hard you’re working in the gym. For diet, beyond skipping pizza and ice cream, what gets you lean? what do you focus on? what do you stay away from? For a healthy well balanced diet, it is important to recognize that everything from fat to protein is an necessity for every diet.” Koby explained.

koby grant fitness trainer model chicago

Moderation is key, mapping out your diet for the week ahead is one way to do this. Using an nutritional chart or from the guidance of a licensed nutritionist of course. One misconception of getting lean is by not eating, which I can not  stress enough is more dangerous and in the end will not achieve these goals.

Think of your metabolism, which is burning calories, as a fire. Starting at the beginning of a day, you don’t throw all the wood onto the fire to keep it burning through out the day, no, you slowly feed the fire wood through out the day to keep it burning. It as important to feed your metabolism a well balanced diet, to keep it burning all day long for that perfect beach body. Weight training + Nutrition + Cardio Program!


Competitive Bodybuilder and  personal trainer Aaron Guy  says, “I tell people that abs are made in the kitchen. You can  do crunches and sit ups till you are blue in the face but it won’t, I repeat, won’t do anything to spot reduce the fat around your abdomen, which is necessary to reveal the coveted six pack.

A beach body starts with weight training. If you don’t have any muscle under all that body-fat then you’re not gonna be left with much when you start shredding for summer.

Try doing a weight lifting split and working each muscle group at least once a week. Stick to moderately heavy to heavy weight that allows you to maintain proper form and stick with 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. That is the ideal range for increasing muscle cell size, otherwise known as hypertrophy. Remember that all of the “growing” you’ll be doing happens when you’re not at the gym and sleeping or recovering. So be sure to give yourself ample rest in between body parts and even a complete day off once or twice a week. Once you’ve worked on building a strong muscular foundation you can move on to cutting or what we often refer to as “prepping for summer”.

I would add several days of cardio into your routine on top of your lifting schedule. My favorite cardio is StairMaster because it not only burns a lot of calories but it also works on building leg muscles. Big leg muscles burn more calories and that increases your metabolism which in the long run makes you and effective fat burning machine. If you find the StairMaster too rigorous in the beginning start with 5-10 min a day and work your way up. I guarantee you that you can be doing 30 minutes in no time.

Swimming is also a great full body cardio option as well as rowing. In place of running I usually tell clients to walk on a steep incline on the treadmill as it is easier on the joints and also builds up those leg muscles I talked about earlier. I avoid the elliptical machine. I think its too easy and its definitely too easy to cheat on.

For diet I like to keep things simple. I like a high protein, moderate fat and low carb diet. All of my carbs come from veggies and fruit. I do not eat any carbs from cereals, breads, pastas or refined sugars. I drink unsweetened green tea or water and never drink soda or sports drinks or flavored waters with calories.


My favorite protein sources are fish, chicken, eggs, greek yogurt and lean red meat. To incorporate healthy fats into my meals I eat lots of avocados and nuts, including peanut and almond butter and lots of olive oil and olive oil based dressings. Make sure that each meal contains a high level of protein including breakfast. Most people skimp on protein for breakfast. I also tell clients they should consume a protein shake with some carbs within one hour of completing a workout.

Remember to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum as it can inhibit weight loss. Also remember that after all this hard work you deserve a cheat meal here and there. So treat yourself once or twice a week but make sure its within moderation. It’s not going to derail all your hard work for the week and treating yourself every so often prevents the binging and over-consumption that generally results from extreme restriction over long periods of time. With all of these things combined you should be ready bathing suit season in no time.



Forget the Polar Vortex! HEATWAVE on Sale January 29th!

facebook version 1

The party EVERYONE is talking about!   HEATWAVE  2014!

Gay Chicago Just Got Hotter!

HEATWAVE Chicago 2014
Your Passport to 24 Hours of Tropical Paradise!

Imagine 24 hours of PRIVATE LGBT Paradise at Key Lime Cove INDOOR Water Park Resort where it is always 86 degrees and humid-add 2,000+ adults (21 + over) in swimsuits and underwear….. It’s going to be insane Fun! Booking starts 12:00 NOON on Wednesday,JANUARY 29th!

From the producers of OUT IN THE PARK @ SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA comes a brand new event! Be a part of the country’s first-ever 24-hour PRIVATE LGBT Indoor Poolside Dance Party and Water Park Celebration Benefiting Chicago Gay Mens Chorus!

The event will be Saturday, November 15th, 2014 (This will sell out much earlier!) Party Packages As Low As $85 Per Person includes ROOM + PARTY TICKETS!

Booking starts 12:00 NOON on Wednesday,JANUARY 29th!

Your reservation is paid in full at the time of booking, since this is a private party buy out. No refunds. However, you can re-sell your reservation and have it transferred, if need be.

• 414 Resort-Style Key West Guest Rooms and LUXE Suites
• Seven Room/Suite Options Sleeping/Connecting 2 to 12 Or More Guests
• 12-Hour Indoor Water Park Dance Party Admission Included In Your Room Price
• 4 Amazing DJ Sets from 3PM – 3AM
• 45 Minutes Away from Chicago, 45 minutes from Milwaukee, Across From Six Flags Great America in Gurnee Illinois
• 65,000 Square Feet of INDOOR Water Park FUN – Always tropically-inspired, 86 degrees and Humid
• 10,000 Square Foot State-Of-The-Art Gaming Arcade
• Restaurants, Bars, Confectionery Center, Convenience Store, Souvenirs EVERYTHING A Guest Needs for a 24-hour stay!

Open HEATWAVE Reservations Begin Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 at NOON to the general public. 1-877-360-0403 MUST SAY CODE “HEATWAVE” to have access to the event. (However, TONIGHT, Tuesday Jan. 28th, Scarlet will host a pre -sell event! Stop by from 7-9pm  and find out more!)

Heatwave on Facebook


Brought to you by and Red Bull!
Along with Scarlet Bar CREAM chicago and Ramsey Jay Prince Designs


room layouts  ….




Chicago House Spring Brunch May 5th

TICKETS  ARE GOING FAST!   This sells out every year!

MB Financial Presents       WONDERLAND

The 2013 Spring Brunch and Fashion Show


“If I had a
world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what
it is, because everything would be what it isn’t!

And contrariwise,
what it wouldn’t be, it would.
You see?

When: May 5, 2013     Time: Noon to 3:30p.m.

Where: Harold Washington Library, Winter Garden Ballroom, 400 South State Street

Runway Seating: $300      Garden Seating: $200

For more information or to purchase VIP tickets, call Beth at (773) 248-5200 x303. Space is limited, this event will sell out!   Tickets online now. 


September 8 & 9 – Gay Six Flags and Gay Beach Parties

BY NOW, I hope most of you have your tickets for the BIG EVENT this Saturday!  

You can buy tickets for $35 until late Friday night. Then the price goes to $45  PLUS  another  $20 for your parking. So SAVE $30  and  buy by Friday night!!

 A portion of ALL ticket sales will benefit TPAN!

And don’t forget, the FREE  beach party the next day!

 ::::Retox Party::::

First, we are
 at Six Flags

then we are OUT AT THE BEACH
  at Hollywood Beach!

A Retox Event with and Mini Bar!

Goes Noon until 6PM!
Music by Joey Kissling!

Suggested attire -Wear a WHITE bathing suit, swimwear, underwear
tightie whities, or board shorts. Prizes for BEST Basket, etc…

NO LIFEGUARDS will be on duty.
Dogs are allowed. So is drinking and smoking!

Come to relax, retox, & recover OR
to socialize &  bump & grind
on the Beach with all the hottest Chicago guys & and the Boys of MINI BAR!

MiniBar is the official sponsor and will be on hand to keep the party
jumping and the Official After The Beach Party…RETOX will happen
back at Mini Bar, in Boystown!
3341 N. Halsted.
With lots of cool drink specials!


Best Underwear and Swimsuits for Men in Chicago is at EGOIST

The beaches in Chicago officially open this weekend…but I am not sure if the weather is going to cooperate! This is Chicago, after all.  Regardless, beach season is upon us and do you have a fabulous new swimsuit to wear to Hollywood beach??

EGOIST Underwear has ALL OF MY FAVORITE brands of underwear  and now  has lots of hot new styles of swimsuits in stock!

Egoist Underwear offers you the finest, coolest premium male underwear from all over the world. MANY BRANDS you will find NOWHERE else!  And it’s more than underwear.  Cool tanks and t’s plus an amazing collection of swimsuits making it THE BEST of GAY CHICAGO!

We think that underwear says a lot about the owner’s personality. That is why on our shelves you will find a great selection of one tone classic underwear as well as a large range of colorful, sexy prints with edgy graphics and eye-catching styles. Egoist Underwear gives you the opportunity to touch and see the products yourself instead of having to choose from a picture only. After all, this is your package we are talking about!

Egoist Underwear offers a wide selection of men’s underwear (bikini, brief, pouch, boxer brief, long boxer brief, g-string, jock strap, thong and mesh), men’s enhancing underwear, men’s swimwear (board shorts, boy shorts, square cuts, bikinis, euro cut trunks and Brazilian cut trunks) as well as short and long sleeve t-shirts, v-necks, tank tops, shorts, designer sleepwear and accessories. We specialize in brands that cannot be found at department stores and shopping malls. At our boutique, you will find eco-friendly products, like underwear by Obviously, and exclusive brands that you will not find anywhere else in Chicago, like Cocksox and 2eros (Australia), Skmpeez (Canada), Gigo (Colombia) or XTG (Spain). “


Personally, I have never been a fan of the knee length board shorts!  I wanna see what he’s got, OK?  And at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year they actually discussed fashion trends in mens swimsuits for this year. I know what you’re thinking: there are no fashion trends in men’s swimsuits. But this year, there is ONE; Men will show more leg this year.

Aside from a strong showing of retro-looking swim trunks,  board shorts are rising to volleyball short length (according to that old adage about hemlines and the economy, this should herald a recovery from The Great Recession).

The fashion-forward customer will quickly embrace the thigh-grazing looks as soon as they hit store shelves this month. Already slimmer silhouettes  are quietly replacing the baggier below-the-knee styles in retail…well, on-the-trend retail.

Also look for: Americana plaids; solids with color blocking; neon hues; glossy finishes and vintage prints.

SYLVESTER, the owner of EGOIST says, “we’ve been selling lots of square cuts and trunks and right now selection of those is the biggest in my store. Hot this season are the Brazilian style trunks with no pouch – Skmpeez offers them too. Plaid is big, as usual.  As far as brands go, Skmpeez and Pistol Pete rule!”

When it comes to gay men’s underwear and swimwear – there are only two requirements–they have to look great and they have to make you look great. Today’s fashion undergarments come in more styles, colors and patterns than you can possibly imagine, and that’s exactly what you need to show off your stuff. There’s a lot of competition on the gay scene, and you can’t afford to let your goods fade into the background.

Egoist Underwear
 is located at 3706 N Halsted St, Chicago IL 60613.
You can also shop and buy online.

From Australia to Chicago!  Only at Egoist.

Male premium underwear & swimwear in Chicago. Andrew Christian, Timoteo, Cocksox, Pistol Pete, 2(x)ist, XTG, N2N, Gigo, Mundo Unico, 2eros, Joe Snyder, Obviously, Baskit, Ajaxx63, LASC and Good Devil. Sizes XS to 3XL.


Gay Beach Chicago – Hollywood aka Osterman Beach

Summer is fading……

Today as I walked my dog along the shore of Hollywood Beach, it was 75 degrees and about 30 men dotted the gay beach. The sweet summer days and Sundays with hundreds of gay men at the beach have faded I am afraid…..

Will there be an Indian Summer yet for Chicago?

One can hope!

Best Gay Chicago


Kathy Osterman Hollywood Gay Beach House Grand Opening

Kathy Osterman Beach
is the official name of the lovely crescent of sand known to most Chicago residents as Hollywood-Ardmore Beach. Others call it the Hollywood Beach, or some call it the Gay Beach. Located off Lake Shore Drive, between Bryn Mawr and Hollywood.

The beautiful beach is nestled amongst high-rise buildings and sunsets there are nice as the sun drops behind the tall buildings. The southern end is a  very popular spot for gays, but  the beach overall remains a family beach. Parents and kids come here to swim, (when the water is warm enough!)  and also to enjoy volleyball and frisbee. But don’t take balls in the water – that’s a no-no, for some reason. On any given weekend you will find a few hundred LGBT people here at  the southern end.

Just hours ago was the official grand opening of the new beach house / comfort station. A One-story, 2570 square feet, fully accessible facility providing  a Concession Area, called  PICNIC, Family Restroom, Men’s  and Women’s Restroom and a Life Guard Lockerroom. Plus outdoor rinse-off shower heads and more bike racks. The new building is filled with environmental sustainability features like rainwater harvesting, skylights and solar powered trash compacters!

Mayor Daley spoke at the ceremony and gave praise to Kathy Osterman as being a true visionary and he applauded her achievements including being at the forefront of the progress of human rights and LGBT issues.

The PICNIC concession is an off-shoot of The Waterfront Cafe , located just up the street at Berger Park.  They are providing a much smaller menu here, but have a very nice seating area patio and will be offering beer and wine soon. Fresh made sandwiches ($7-8) and things like guacamole and hummus ($5-6) plus lots of assorted cold drinks are available.

 Kathy Osterman   was a known as a “Friend of the Community”, 48th Ward alderman, city special events director, and longtime political activist, she helped to forge critical links between Chicago government and the lesbian and gay community. She played a crucial role in passage of the city’s human rights ordinance.

An ebullient, optimistic, dynamic individual, Osterman was a fierce and outspoken lobbyist for the passage of Chicago’s Human Rights Ordinance. She worked closely with gay and lesbian activists, helping formulate logistics. She personally introduced many of the key players to each other, and is also credited for developing the imaginative “bring in the nuns” strategy, calling on women of the cloth to lobby the large Roman Catholic bloc of aldermen within the City Council. The Human Rights Ordinance was passed in 1988, and Osterman considered this to be one of her greatest accomplishments in public life.

On May 1, 1992, Osterman was married to Bruce DuMont, founder and President of the Museum of Broadcast Communications and host of the nationally syndicated radio program “Inside Politics.” She was the mother of two sons, Harry Joe and Matthew, who live and work in Chicago. Kathy Osterman died that same year of cancer on December 8, 1992.

Though the beach officially closes Labor Day, you will find people out thru the early fall if the weather is nice. But there are no lifeguards on duty after Labor Day – but I am told the PICNIC concession will remain open thru October 1st.

Best Gay Chicago


Best Gay Chicago’s 2nd Annual Underwear Beach Party August 22nd

Mark your calendars – Sunday  August 22nd 
is  our annual  Underwear Beach Party at Hollywood  Beach!

12:00-6pm on the beach  then an after party at CREW with  $2  drink specials!

This year we plan to have a  DJ and the event is FREE – but we’re hoping people will donate a couple bucks to help pay for the permit and music.  Of course, you don’t have wear tighty whiteys – you don’t even have to wear underwear.  It is an optional  theme!

See  you  there!

Michael and Derrick and Keith


PAWS Chicago 8th Annual Beach Party A Huge Success

 Despite the economy and the threats of stormy weather, last nights PAWS Chicago beach party was a smashing success!  500  humans and  200  animals raised $250,000! We  ate, we drank, we danced and raised money for our furry friends in need.

PAWS  Chicago
  is the midwests largest NO KILL shelter!    4,000 dedicated volunteers enable the organization to continue to save lives and expand services. Since PAWS Chicago’s founding in 1997, the number of homeless dogs and cats killed annually has dropped more than 50 percent. PAWS  is working to build a No Kill Chicago—a city where pets are no longer destroyed just because they are homeless.

PAWS Chicago will find new homes for more than 4,000 homeless pets in 2010 through the state-of-the-art Adoption & Humane Center in Lincoln Park. The cageless Adoption Center provides homeless pets with the care and dignity they deserve while welcoming adopters, providing them with guidance in selecting their new pet and continued support for life.

It is such a great organization. And I met some of the newly adopted dogs last night. Dogs have SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE! If you are considering a pet, check out PAWS. They have loving cats and dogs that need  homes.

If you missed the Beach Party, upcoming  events  include  ANGELS  WITH  TAILS   happening this weekend. Angels with Tails is Chicagoland’s premiere adoption event that brings together local businesses, people, shelters and pets in an effort to find families for many homeless pets.  Sunday, July 25th Noon to 4:00 p.m.  in the  West Loop Area (Madison St. between Peoria & Racine).

PAWS  Run/Walk   happens  September  26th. And  the  FUR BALL in December  is  Chicago’s premier pet-friendly black tie gala will draw more than 750 guests at  famous Drake Hotel, many escorted by their canine companions.



Best Gay Chicago


Guerrilla Gay Bar Chicago Heads To The Beaches This Summer

The group that brings you Guerrilla Gay Bar events have decided to take over a few hetero straight beaches this  summer!

“After the success of Guerrilla Gay Bar South Loop Chicago, we’re looking to make a splash on Chicago’s beaches this summer. Much like GGB, GGBeach is a flash-mob style event at a different location each month. Unlike GGB, we’ll be visiting locations throughout the entire city – our goal is to expand the options our community has for beach-going and of course…have a good time!

For the first year, we have three events planned, with a possible fourth if September weather cooperates. By default, events are scheduled on a Saturday, with a possible move to Sundays in case of inclement weather. If both days are rough, we may move the event to the following week. Please RSVP to the FB event to receive updated information.

In honor of GGB’s South Loop roots, we’ll be starting at 12th Street beach on June 19th. This is the weekend following Midsummer’s fest and one week before Pride (plenty of time to get your tan!).

For future event locations and other ideas, we’re very interested in feedback.”

June 19th – 12th Street Beach
1200 S. Linn Witt dr / Northerly Island

July 17 and August  21 TBA

Join their Beach Page on Facebook

Best of Gay Chicago


Guerrilla Gay Bar Chicago Heads To The Beaches This Summer

The group that brings you Guerrilla Gay Bar events have decided to take over a few hetero straight beaches this  summer!

“After the success of Guerrilla Gay Bar South Loop Chicago, we’re looking to make a splash on Chicago’s beaches this summer. Much like GGB, GGBeach is a flash-mob style event at a different location each month. Unlike GGB, we’ll be visiting locations throughout the entire city – our goal is to expand the options our community has for beach-going and of course…have a good time!

For the first year, we have three events planned, with a possible fourth if September weather cooperates. By default, events are scheduled on a Saturday, with a possible move to Sundays in case of inclement weather. If both days are rough, we may move the event to the following week. Please RSVP to the FB event to receive updated information.

In honor of GGB’s South Loop roots, we’ll be starting at 12th Street beach on June 19th. This is the weekend following Midsummer’s fest and one week before Pride (plenty of time to get your tan!).

For future event locations and other ideas, we’re very interested in feedback.”

June 19th – 12th Street Beach
1200 S. Linn Witt dr / Northerly Island

July 17 and August  21 TBA

Join their Beach Page on Facebook

Best of Gay Chicago


Chicagoland’s Full Moon Fire Jam Thursday May 27th

The Full Moon Fire Jam
 is a FREE event that happens every Full Moon during the summer months in Chicago. Started in 2004 by a group of friends celebrating a birthday, the jams have grown in size to accommodate the increasing amount of drummers, fire spinners and families that come to enjoy.

Fire & Ultraviolet (UV) Performances – We specialize in fully-immersive Fire and Ultraviolet (UV) kinetic performances. We continue to evolve our craft with an ever-increasing repertoire of fire and ultraviolet-based tools, weapons, and performance pieces, including, but not limited to:

* Poi, Staff & Double Staff
* Meteor
* Rope Dart, Fire Juggling
* Fire Hoop, Fire Fans
* Fire Eating and Bodywork
* Scimtars / Swords / Knives
* Snakes / Bones
* UV Flags
* Special effects like immersive fire ropes, torches, and lanterns

So to all you Fire Jammers, amateurs and professionals a like, it’s that time of the year again… time to break out all your fire toys and drums! 🙂

The location is the usual place about a half mile south of Foster Beach between Foster and Lawrence on the west side of the parking lot on the lakefront. SUNSET is 8:09PM

C’mon down to the Chicago Lakefront for this Full Moon Fire Jam  performance!

Best Gay Chicago


Gay Beach Chicago – 83 Degrees on April 1st! – No Joke!


What a great week this has been here in Chicago! 75  yesterday  and  83  today!
(Adam, pictured  above).

The Winter snow fences have not even been taken down yet! But that did not stop the 50+
people,  mostly gay men, heading out to Hollywood/Osterman
Gay Beach for some rays of sunshine!

It was a bit windy at times, but the fresh warm air felt great!
A few people even strolled out into the chilly waters!

Progress is slower than I expected on the  new  restrooms.
The foundation is in and the walls have started going up.
7 weeks  until it is supposed to be done.

It will be so nice to have clean, updated bathrooms
and a concession stand!

Best  Gay  Chicago