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Iconic Boystown Chicago to Get a Name Change

History is about to be erased and changed

This is making National AND International news!

Chicago’s LGBTQ ‘hood has long been called ‘Boystown’, but business leaders have decided its time for a re-brand.

The move comes after a petition gained steam over the summer which described Boystown as the “only gendered nickname” of any city’s LGBTQ district. (The petition gained over 1,500 signatures, although a counter-petition to keep the name had over 2,000.)

HISTORY –   The Boystown section of Lakeview was the first officially recognized gay village in the United States.

It is also the cultural center of one of the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities in the nation. Boystown has grown into a cultural center for the LGBT residents living within the Chicago metropolitan area. The district’s informal boundaries, overlapping with Lakeview East, are Irving Park Road on the north, Broadway on the east, Wellington Avenue on the south, and Sheffield Avenue on the west. The Center on Halsted, an LGBT community center, is also located in this area.

Boystown is known for its colorful, lively nightlife and inviting atmosphere. Boystown also includes some of Chicago’s off-Loop theater, specialty restaurants, greystone and brownstone walk-up buildings and other historic architecture, trendy fashion outlets, wine boutiques, chain stores, and independent shops. The city’s annual Gays and Lesbians Chicago Pride Parade begins at the intersection of Montrose and Broadway, runs south along Broadway then Halsted to Belmont, turns east on Belmont to Broadway again, then south to Diversey, and then east to Sheridan Road.

From QUEERTY “Systemic transphobia, racism, and sexism have plagued our neighborhood for decades, and it begins at the top, with the all-male board of the Northalsted Business Alliance. It begins with the BOYSTOWN signs down our street announcing that this neighborhood is ‘for the boys,’ though the signs hang above our diverse Legacy Walk of several LGBTQ icons in our history.

“To promote the inclusion of transgender, nonbinary, lesbian, and intersex individuals, we submit this petition for the Northalsted Business Alliance to simply follow the other LGBTQ neighborhoods across the world by marketing the area based on its location, North Halsted, not the majority gender of those people who sit on the Northalsted Business Alliance board This is only the beginning of the many changes needed in the North Halsted area.”

So what’s going to be the new  name??????  WHO  KNOW’S ?!


September 23, 2020

In response to concerns over the ‘Boystown’ name as exclusionary, the Northalsted Business Alliance sought community input via a three-month online survey, which concluded September 15. While the alliance used ‘Boystown’ in past marketing campaigns, it does not have any claim nor rights to the name, which has been in colloquial use since the 1980s.

The survey, intended to listen to community voices, results in the board’s decision to focus marketing efforts on the geographic location (Northalsted) and use the slogan ‘Chicago’s Proudest Neighborhood’.

While formal changing of the name Boystown lies with city planners, map makers, Aldermen and organizations beyond NBA, the alliance will focus marketing exclusively on location.

A breakdown of survey results as follows:

7,890 respondents
3,060 comments/1,350 suggestions for new names
58% favor keeping the Boystown moniker
80% did not feel unwelcomed by the Boystown name

The survey queried participants on categories of self-identification. The majority identifying as Lesbian, Transgender, non-binary and queer favor a name change. To ensure all members of the LGBTQ+ community feel welcome in the business district, the Northalsted Business Alliance Board agreed to discontinue using ‘Boystown’ in marketing.

Plans to replace banners featuring ‘Boystown’ are underway.

About the Northalsted Business Alliance (NBA)
Formed in 1980, NBA represents more than 100 businesses along the Halsted Street corridor. The organization hosts major events throughout the year including Chicago Pride Fest, Northalsted Market Days, the Haunted Halsted Halloween Parade and more.

For information about NBA visit



Free Thanksgiving Meal

A Church 4 Me MCC  will be hosting a free community Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day, November 24.  located in Rogers Park at 7366 N. Clark St.


mcc-chicago-thanksgiving thanksgiving-chicago-free-meals



SAGE Chicago Event June 10th

sage gay chicago

WE ALL GET OLD.  And we need to have respect for those before us,  who fought  for some of the rights we have today,  and where we have gotten to.

SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders) is the country’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of  LGBTQ aging people.

SAGE offers innovative services and programs to LGBT older people nationwide—throughout New York City and through our national affiliate program, SAGENet. From arts and culture, to health and wellness, and much more, SAGE’s innovative services and programs support thousands of LGBT older people in communities around the country. Additionally, SAGE’s leading programs—such as SAGEWorks, our employment program for LGBT older people—are often expanded into various sites around the country.

On Friday, June 10th, the Chicago Steering Committee of SAGE will host its annual SAGE & Friends event. This annual affair provides a great opportunity to engage SAGE’s Chicagoland area supporters – individual and corporate donors, community partners, and policy advocates – in a fun event that showcases and supports the work which SAGE is advancing on a national level and in the Midwest. SAGE will be honoring Congressman Mike Quigley at the event.  $50, open nbar  and  appetizers.   June 10, 2016
5:30 – 6:30 PM ,  Wyndham Grand Hotel,  71 E Wacker Drive, downtown Chicago!

As the voice for LGBT older adults, SAGE works across the country to advocate for public policy changes that will improve the economic security, community support and health and wellness of LGBT elders.  We partner with policy makers, agency heads and members of Congress, to ensure that policies and laws are inclusive of and support LGBT older adults.





Pride Action Tank, a new, results-driven group that addresses challenges facing individuals and groups within LGBTQ communities through a collaborative process of inquiry, advocacy and action, is launching this month as a project of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC).

Kim L. Hunt, former executive director of Affinity Community Services, will be Pride Action Tank’s executive director. Tracy Baim, founder of Pride Action Tank, will be the president of its advisory board.

The work of Pride Action Tank focuses on six overlapping issue areas: housing, health, safety, financial security, youth and aging.

Pride Action Tank will bring together and support the work of subject matter experts as well as people directly impacted by challenges facing the LGBTQ community to envision and realize practical and longer-term policy solutions. Moreover, Pride Action Tank will fuel collaborations among organizations, departments, experts, policymakers and community members in order to fill in gaps and ensure better supports for all people in LGBTQ communities.

The mission of Pride Action Tank is to “improve the health, safety and progress of individuals and groups within the LGBTQ community by inspiring, supporting and leading collaborative action that improves policy, service, access and community dynamics in the core areas of housing, health, safety, financial security, youth and aging.”

Sign up to receive updates and action alerts from Pride Action Tank!


Best Hair Replacement Techniques in Chicago


Many men and women are very self-conscious about thinning hair and hair loss.

While aging may be the most obvious culprit,  many doctors  suggest  that various factors may be to blame — ranging from a thyroid issue to disease to even  stress.

Dr. Yates Hair Science Group is a premier hair restoration practice located in Vernon Hills, Illinois led by Dr. William Yates. Dr. Yates, MD is the top hair loss doctor and hair replacement surgeon for the Midwest. He is a leader in new technologies and is  passionate about hair restoration.

He specializes in several hair restoration procedures and will work with clients to find the right method for their needs. “We are committed to the best technologies, products, and methods to complete and assist your hair regrowth or hair replacement goals,” says Dr. Yates. (All   of products to assist your hair regrowth goals can be easily shipped to your door).


Many people wonder what it is going to cost?

The cost of your hair transplantation depends on the amount of hair being transplanted and is generally considered plastic surgery, therefore is not covered by medical insurance. However, Dr. Yates understands the important investment in your future, life, and self-confidence and offers great financing options, from interest-free financing to longer term options. You can call their office to see if you qualify for a financing option.

I have personally seen some of the results in person – and YES, it looks totally natural!

When hair transplantation is done correctly by a proficient surgeon, the results look so natural that nobody would know you had a procedure. To achieve the best, natural, and attractive results, you need a meticulous surgeon with proven results. Dr. Yates prefers the advanced follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure that involves harvesting individual follicles for the best results.


Dr. Yates is a published writer and international lecturer and teacher. His office offers state-of-art techniques and he is constantly working on ways to improve results. HE IS THE BEST!


“As a medical doctor I am trained to not make excuses but get the best results. I want hairloss not to be a burden but something we can conquer together.” – Dr. William D. Yates, MD


Board Certifications

    • American Board of Surgery
    • American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
    • Critical Care/Trauma Surgery

Medical Memberships

      • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
      • Fellow, American College of Surgeons
      • American Medical Society

Call their office @ 866.810.6402  and send them a note through their site, to start the conversation on how they can help you!


Plaintiffs in Illinois Marriage Equality Case Wed After 51 Years Together!

gay marriage chicago illinois

Patrick Bova and Jim Darby, the plaintiffs in the Illinois marriage equality case, wed today after the law took effect across the state yesterday.

Bova and Darby have been together for 51 years!

Congrations Guys!


Howard Brown Town Hall Meetings on Health Issues


Howard Brown Health Center (HBHC) invites community members to participate in a series of town-hall meetings to discuss the health and wellness needs of Chicago’s diverse LGBTQ community. The sessions are part of HBHC’s community needs assessment, conducted every five years to gauge health-related concerns for HBHC’s patient populations.

“Respondents to the 2012 LGBT Community Needs Assessment overwhelmingly identified affordable health services and care as their leading concern,” said David Ernesto Munar, President and CEO.  “Our series is designed to dig deeper in order to better understand the community assets and barriers affecting the health of people in our community.”   


HBHC will rely on the community needs assessment for planning and quality improvement initiatives. Input from the meetings will be shared widely to spur public awareness and support for LGBTQ health promotion activities.


Sessions will be held at HBHC’s Brown Elephant in Lakeview at 3651 N. Halsted, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. on the following dates: 


Monday, May 12: LGBTQ Older Adults

Facilitators: Medical Director Magda Houlberg, MD and Cecilia Hardacker, Manager of Geriatric Education


Monday, May 19: Lesbians, Bisexual and Queer Women

Facilitators: Betsy Rubinstein, Manager of Lesbian Community Care Project, and Michelle Wetzel, Sr. Vice President for Policy, Strategy and Business Development


Monday, June 2: Gay, Bisexual & Queer Men

Facilitators: Staff Physician Alfred Torrence, MD and Serette King, Health Educator


Monday, June 9: Transgender Individuals

Facilitators: Blue, Program Manager of the Transgender Women of Color Project, and Taylor Casey, Manager of Transgender Health


Monday, June 16: LGBTQ Youth Under 24

Facilitators: Imani Rupert, Director of HBHC’s Broadway Youth Center, and Kristin Keglovitz, PA, Director of Clinical Operations

Interested participants who cannot attend in person can join the discussion virtually on Twitter with the hashtag #HBHCTownHalls.



Boystown Senior LGBT Housing Will Break Ground Any Day on Halsted

The historic building at the corner of Halsted and Addison streets are about to be transformed into a housing facility for LGBT seniors.  The vacant lot on North Halsted between the
100-year-old police station and Whole Foods will also be used in
construction of the new building.
The City of Chicago, the Center on Halsted
and Heartland Housing will build Midwest’s first
LGBT-friendly affordable senior housing facility. 

The 79-unit facility has been a long time in the making. The project has come along as conceived, according Nadia Underhill,
associate director of real estate development at Heartland Housing,
especially considering the complications that arose from adaptive reuse
regarding the historic police station. The project will preserve the
station’s exterior along with certain interior details, she said.

Read more!


Cardinal Francis George compared Gay Pride Parade to the Ku Klux Klan

Cardinal Francis George compared next year’s Gay Pride Parade to the Ku Klux Klan!  (Appearing on Fox’s Chicago station).

“You don’t want the gay liberation movement to morph into something
like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against
Catholicism,” Cardinal George said.

“That’s a little strong analogy, Ku Klux Klan,” Fox Chicago’s Dane Placko noted.

“It is,” Cardinal George agreed. “But you take a look at the
rhetoric, the rhetoric of the Ku Klux Klan, the rhetoric of some of the
gay liberation people. Who is the enemy? The Catholic Church.”

State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D) on Wednesday called on Cardinal George to apologize.

The CCWC coordinators, already imagining  a New Years/Epiphany ad in the
Windy City Times, are exploring options for a paid ad which will in
some way be a counter message to George.  Watch for it in this week’s
WCT.   And, watch Facebook and listserv traffic for further updates
including a press release which you might consider tailoring and using

You may  call the Cardinal’s office (312-534-8230) and demand an apology for this offensive and hurtful statement.


What Exactly Does the Center on Halsted Do?

I am really amazed when I talk to friends here in Chicago who really have no idea of what goes on at the CENTER ON HALSTED . They just think it’s a place to hang out and have no idea of what the Center has to offer!

Everyone should sign up for their monthy newsletter . And from time to time, we’ll provide a snapshot of some of the months highlights. There really is something here for everyone!

For March –

“When Romeo Was A Woman,” a presentation of the Out at CHM series
Thursday, March 10, Cocktails at 5:30 p.m. event at 6:30 p.m.
$12/ $10 students/CHM members

Charlotte Cushman, 1816-1876, was the nineteenth century’s most famous cross-dressing and woman-loving actress. Her performance of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lover was legendary, and she wowed male and female audiences alike at local theaters, like McVicker’s in Chicago, during her American tours. Join cultural historian Lisa Merrill for a behind-the-scenes look at how spectators and critics talked and wrote about sexuality on stage. Jill Austin, museum curator, will begin the program with a brief introduction to LGBT-related life and themes in mid-19th-century Chicago. About Face Theatre Artistic Director Bonnie Metzgar and the Laramie Project’s co-author Leigh Fondakowski will join the discussion to talk about how gender-bending pioneers continue to impact our stages.


Speed Dating for Men 21+

 Thursday, March 10, 7PM       $12 at the door
Looking to date, make friends or to meet that special someone? It’s time for some real-time, fun-time speed dating at Center on Halsted. You will have an opportunity to meet everyone and leave with contact information for your matches! Cash bar opens at 6:45 PM.

Civil Unions: What You Need to Know 
a conversation with Atty. Ray Koenig
Tuesday, March 15, 6:30PM FREE

Beginning this summer, Illinois will offer civil unions to same-sex couples. Hear from legal expert Ray Koenig about what this will mean for you—whether you have partnership arrangements or not.
Ray J. Koenig III, is a member in Clark Hill’s Litigation Practice Group in its Chicago office. He practices in the areas of probate litigation, trust litigation, fiduciary litigation, elder law and estate planning. Ray has represented individuals, families, financial institutions, medical institutions, and governmental organizations in all areas of his practice. Ray has extensive trial, appellate and mediation experience in state and federal courts.

 Ray is frequently appointed Guardian Ad Litem and defense counsel by judges in guardianship cases, and has been appointed Special Administrator in probate matters. Ray has also been appointed Special Assistant Attorney General in numerous matters. Ray served on a task force formed by the Commissioner of the City of Chicago Department on Aging to develop and draft legislation to significantly revise the Illinois Elder Abuse and Neglect Act.

Introduction to PowerPoint
Begins Thursday, March 17, 10AM (3-week series)        $15. Sliding scale available.
Call (773) 661-0730 to register. Pre-registration required.
This class is designed for the beginning PowerPoint user and includes: creating a presentation, working with text in slides, working with slides, using design templates, different presentation views, and printing presentations.


SAGE Early Bird Jazz Supper Club

Thursday, March 17, 6PM         FREE. Pre-registration required.
Interested in a night of fine dining, smooth live jazz, and apple martinis –and getting home by 10pm? Want an alternative to your traditional St. Patty’s Day celebration? Then come on out for the SAGE Early Bird Jazz Supper Club. Bring a date, rendezvous, or live on the edge and meet someone new! Come for the sumptuous cuisine prepared by Center on Halsted’s “What’s Cookin’” program and stay for our three sassy song stylists and apple martinis. Space limited to 36.

Bisexual Movie Night

Monday, March 21, 7PM (3rd Mondays)

A casual, FREE movie night with popcorn and refreshments.

SAGE Women’s Creative Writing

Thursday, March 24, 6PM (Thursdays weekly)

Experienced facilitator from Northwestern University will guide the group through expressions of self through poetry, fiction, and journal writing. Class is limited to 15; please call or e-mail (773) 472-6469 to register.

Speed Dating for Women 21+
Thursday, March 24, 7PM       $12 at the door
Looking to date, make friends or to meet that special someone? It’s time for some real-time, fun-time speed dating at Center on Halsted. You will have an opportunity to meet everyone and leave with contact information for your matches! Cash bar opens at 6:45 PM.

Legal Clinic at Center on Halsted
Tuesdays 4PM-7PM and Wednesdays 6PM-8PM   
(please call to make an appointment)

Center on Halsted’s free legal clinic allows LGBT and Ally people to speak one-on-one with a licensed attorney about their specific legal concern and receive appropriate information and referral options. There is no fee for this service. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact 773.472.6469, ext. 290.

This is just a small glimpse into the Center on Halsted. Every day more than 1,000 visitors, participants and clients walk through the doors of Center on Halsted. Come experience the richness of their  theatre, gallery exhibits and cultural programs. Take a class in  the Computer Technology Center or use the free wi-fi throughout the building. Be a part of The Center .



HomeSharing Program at Center on Halsted – Innovative Program for Aging LGBT Community

Center on Halsted has
launched nation’s first
LGBT homesharing program!

From Beginner’s French to twice-weekly lunches, SAGE Center on Halsted  has a wide variety of programs and services for individuals 55 and older.

A $475,000 federal grant is allowing SAGE to carry out a number of special projects. From a groundbreaking survey of Chicagoland LGBT older adults to a new film on HIV prevention to exciting day trips, it’s a pretty special time to become involved with SAGE!

But even beyond SAGE, officials at the Center on Halsted recently unveiled the nation’s first LGBT homesharing program, matching up LGBT seniors with younger renters who can help with chores and other support services in exchange for reduced rent.

For a growing number of persons faced with losing their independence and struggling to keep housing costs within their budget, shared housing is an affordable and viable alternative. Shared housing offers companionship, affordable housing, security, mutual support and much more.

“I truly believe in this program,” said Britta Larson, homesharing manager at the Center. “We really have put a lot of time and effort into making sure this program is the very best it can be.”

DID YOU KNOW?  LGBT senior adults, are twice as likely to be single and three to four times more likely to be without children than their heterosexual counterparts? That lack of a family support makes it more difficult for LGBT seniors to continue living independently as they age, Larson said.

“Aging for the LGBT community is particularly challenging,” Larson said. “This community is facing financial hardships.”

Being lonely is hard for everybody, regardless of the gender or orientation. Loneliness is  a  huge problem for many LGBT seniors – a Chicago-based needs assessment survey ranked isolation as the No. 1 concern of LGBT older adults.

The Center’s role, which is provided free of charge, is to help match up potential applicants with each other.

Homesharing applicants who wish to rent space
must have a minimum of two bedrooms in their apartment, condominium or home.

Applicants who want to rent
must have an income of at least $750 per month and be willing to assist with household tasks.

The extent of the duties of the renters is negotiated between the two parties and will vary depending on the needs of the LGBT senior and other factors. Some seniors may need more help with household tasks than others, while some may just be looking for a few extra dollars a month to help pay off mortgages or other bills.

Homesharing has become increasingly popular but Larson said this is the first formal homesharing program in the U.S. to target LGBT seniors. It matches up applicants who wish to take on a renter with someone who is willing to live with an older adult and take on some household tasks.

The Center’s role, which is provided free of charge, is to help match up potential applicants with each other, thoroughly screen all applicants through reference checks and background checks and to provide ongoing support the homesharing matches.

“Each applicant has a really strong role in who they’re matched with,” Larson said. “There will be an agreement worked out between the two parties talking about responsibilities and things like shared space.”

For information on SAGE and the homesharing program go to  or call 773-472-6469


Older Adults – Gay and LGBT Seniors and Aging Research Being Done in Chicago


Face it!

Have you thought about it?

While many older adults suffer from health issues stemming from stig­ma, isolation and unequal treatment, aging dilemmas for gay men are even compounded by other than just medical issues.

Citing a 2009 study, a report noted that  lesbian couples’ Social Security benefits are typically 31.5 percent smaller and gay couples’ benefits are 17.8 percent smaller than are those of heterosexual couples.

Family members provide about 80 percent of long-term care in the United States, but that’s not the case with LGBT elders, since they are more likely to be single, childless and estranged from their biological families, said the report.

That’s just the beginning of the cycle of discrimination. The stunning report cited “official policies, laws and institutional regulations” that offer same-sex partners few of the resources afforded to spouses and biological family members.


Center on Halsted  and AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA ) are doing a survey to collect data on the health and psychosocial needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender older adults who live in Chicago.  This is only the 2nd survey of its kind to ever be done and the first in the Midwest.
Participants must be age 50 and over and identify as LGBT.   The survey  takes 45 minutes to complete and the participant will receive a $25.00 debit card as a “Thank you”.  All information is anonymous and confidential.  

THEY NEED PEOPLE NOW! The survey deadline  is  January 28th. PLEASE, if you are over 50, call for an appointment. It would be a HUGE HELP for the COH.
Researchers suggests LGBT older adults are more likely to rely on friends and family of choice than on more traditional caregivers such as family members and children.  As the family of choice network ages, there may be more of a reliance on formal support systems that may not be prepare to meet LGBT needs.
For those interested in taking the survey, please contact Betty at 1(773)472-6469 ext 448 or  to set up an appointment.

Best Gay