Sexy Sassy Adam Rippon in Chicago Sept 14th

We are SO EXCITED  Chicago House brought back their Speakers Series this year!

Chicago House, the leading social services provider for housing and support for those living with HIV/AIDS, will host their 8th Speaker Series headlined by Wanda Sykes and Adam Rippon on Friday, September 14th.

Held at the historic Hilton Chicago’s Grand Ballroom from 11 am – 2 pm, the luncheon will feature a VIP Reception and premier cuisine benefiting Chicago House. Emceed by NBC reporter Chris Hush, guests can expect laughs, stories of triumphs and resilience from these two dynamic and prominent figures in the LGBTQ community as Chicago House highlights the theme of ‘Authentic Selves.’

America’s first openly gay Olympic figure skater, Adam Rippon, helped lead USA’s figure skating team to a bronze medal with his stunning performance this year.

But while snatching trophies, Rippon was also winning American hearts nationwide. The skater has shown through various interviews and tweets that he is truly one of the funniest (and sassiest) Olympians to ever grace the ice.

If you’re enchanted by Rippon’s on-camera wit, then you need to drop everything you’re doing and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Then came dancing with the stars!  Adam and his partner Jenna Johnson were crowned winners of the all athlete season. Rippon is the first male figure skater to win the competition, as well as the first LGBTQ winner.

“Winning the Mirrorball now has taken on a whole new meaning,” he said. “I never thought somebody like me would be accepted, but I really feel love. That’s why I’m so excited for what we have in store.”

Wanda Sykes and Adam Rippon will Headline 2018 Chicago House Speaker Series September 14th,  11am-2pm

Tickets now available for purchase – Click here for purchasing information