Fabulous Shirt Sale!

If you are like most people, when you travel you take your favorite clothes  with you. For me,  I own more shirts than I own pants or shorts.  Shirts make a bolder statement  I think.

I discovered this company a few years ago  at a Chicago’s  Market Days festival. Their shirts are eye catching and colorful,  fun and vibrant.  Whenever I wear one, people constantly compliment me and ask me where the shirt is  from. Now I am a fan  and  try to add a couple shirts every year from them, to my collection.

Schuyler Brown is the man behind  the creative  brand. As the creator of Seaplane shirts, Brown has stitched together a brand that celebrates the bold colors, accessible fit and lightweight fabrics that appeal to customers who want a resort aesthetic for daily life.


The name  Seaplane  shirts stemmed  from his love to travel. “I love travel. If you’ve not had a chance to do it, you should go exploring islands in a floatplane because you can go places that nobody can go to and land if the water is calm, and pull right up on the beach. You can do this in all kinds of beautiful places, and I want to make clothing that is great for travel, and also great for bringing the joy of travel into your life every day. You can layer my stuff and really get a lot of the color and sun and happiness and good memories of travel in the dead of winter at the office. That’s why people like them, because they’re expressive and fun and engaging.” Brown told Desert Sun.com

He  says, “Everything I do is unisex. The whole concept, the fun of what I’m doing is taking prints that might have been too daring on guys a couple of years go — now they’re mainstream or getting there. Maybe we’re in the vanguard a little bit.”


This fall, pump some fun at the office, Seaplane style.

They have put their  fabulous pearlescent solids on sale, plus the bow ties that go with them. 40% off means at six or more units, a shortsleeve is just $33.75. Bow ties as cheap as $17.

This is a quick  flash  sale  and  won’t  last!