Bell’s Hopslam Ale 2015 @ Replay


We’ve been hiding a keg of Bell’s Hopslam Ale here at Replay, which we are tapping this Saturday, February 21, at 2pm.

Since this beer is a hot commodity, here’s how it’s going to work:

1) We’ll be issuing tickets at the door that will allow you to purchase one glass of Hopslam.

2) The first 50 VIP members to arrive will get one color of ticket that guarantees them first dibs to buy a glass. You must present your VIP card to get this ticket, so don’t forget it!

3) Any VIP member showing up after the first 50 as well as anyone without a VIP card will receive a different color of ticket.

4) Once all the VIP member tickets have had a chance to get their beer, we’ll do one last call for those tickets after about 20 min before we move on to the second color of tickets. Those will be served in numerical order of the tickets until we run out.

Doors open at noon, so get to Replay early or you may have to wait until next year to taste Bell’s Hopslam Ale!

REPLAY     3439 N Halsted | Chicago | IL | 60657