A night in D.W. Alexander – Toronto

gay bar toronto DW Alexander Bar

Toronto, Ontario is a popular destination for many art and music lovers. It has high air and water standards, making it one of the cleanest cities to live in. Families all over the world go far from home to move in there. Night life is one of the aspects of T.O. that not many people are mentioning. With Chicago in vicinity, this area presents a vibrant and colorful scene. Celebrities all over the world like to visit Toronto International Film Festival, Opera House and numerous bars and lounges that this city has to offer. There are certain establishments that stand out from the rest with their offer and atmosphere. D.W. Alexander bar club is one of the most popular lounges in this city that made its name by serving excellent cocktails.

On the very entrance, you will be assisted by the pleasant and helpful staff. The interior is really classy and it mixes black and brown nuances. Together with dimmed lights, it creates a mysterious atmosphere. The space is really clean and tidy; it seems that the management is very needy when it comes to hygiene standards. This isn’t surprising given the Canadian mentality and discipline. The bar is really something. It is very well placed and it is inseparable from its design. There are enough chairs for partying, but not enough to feel that you are in a crowd. You won’t have to hit people with your elbows just to secure a little bit more space for yourself.

gay toronto bar DW Alexander Bar

The menu consists of snacks, such as nuts or olives, and dishes like fish and cheese. This is a very good way to satisfy your hunger without overburdening yourself with food. Choice of spirits is good, choice of whiskey even better. Various brands of Scotch, Canadian and Irish whiskey are served here. Number of wine and beer brands is much smaller, although their quality is high-level. However, the most important aspect of this bar and the reason why it became so popular are its cocktails. The baristas in this establishment made an art out of their mixture. The number of cocktails may look small in comparison to some other bars, but the way they are prepared more than makes up for it. Its cocktail menu is split into two: Classic Cocktails and D.W. Originals. The first part represents standard cocktails for this part of the world, with a nice Canadian touch added to them. D.W. Originals are house made from different ingredients that are specific to this club alone, such as D.W. Sage Infused Rum, D.W. Apple and Fennell Infused Rye, D.W. Black Pepper and Coriander Tincture and many more. All of that makes this place unique in its offer and worth visiting twice.

Whenever you are in Toronto, besides museums and other major sights, you should visit one of its restaurants, bar and clubs. Canadians know how to have a good time and they are excellent hosts. If you ever get thirsty while downtown, bear in mind that there is a great place just around the corner for you.