Glass Protege chicago chazie bly

Hollywood, 1949.

A time when the movies are king and the movie stars merely pawns for the studio bosses.

A time when passion was lauded but sex was never discussed.

So when naïve young actor Patrick Glass embarks on a scandalous homosexual love affair with his famous co-star, he starts to feel the full force of the studio’s career-destroying muscle.

Forty years later, as the truths of the past are uncovered, the true consequences of this “unacceptable” romance come to light. A powerful drama about money, image, and the power-obsessed “Hollywood machine.”


Giant Cherry Productions in association with Glitterati Productions

presents the U.S. premiere of

The Glass Protégé

Written by Dylan Costello with direction by John Nasca

Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont, Chicago, Ilinois 60657

Previews February 20 and 21, 2015 at 7:45 pm and February 22, 2015 at 3:00 pm

Closes March 29, 2015

Featuring: David Besky, Chazie Bly, Baird Brutscher, Christopher Carpenter, Tom Chiola, Tracey Green, Michelle McKenzie-Voigt, and Britt-Marie Sivertsen.

Playwright Dylan Costello is a passionate advocate and supporter of LGBT rights which led him to form his LGBT-focused production company Giant Cherry Productions, through which he and his team drive forward their manifesto ofproducing theatre, film and TV works which represent and feature LGBT people in a positive way.

Dylan believes it is vitally important for the gay community to see itself represented on film, stage and television.

Issues are universal, regardless of sexuality. We are all human beings who all live, love and lose just like everyone else. We have love stories; we have tragedies. Sexuality shouldn’t be an issue. So it’s always appealing to see plays, movies, TV shows where characters have the same problems as everyone else – and they just happen to be gay.

The Glass Protégé premiered for a five-week run in London, England in 2010 under its original title Secret Boulevard and was a huge hit. To this day, it still stands as the most successful production ever staged at London’s Courtyard Theatre. After its run in Chicago, the play will return to London for a new four-week run at the Park Theatre.

Dylan is proud to be a gay man, is a gay dad to a wonderful daughter and resides happily in London with his partner.