Fred Says Fundraiser at Progress Bar for Photo Project June 14

progress bar chicago fred says

‘When Dogs Heal,’

a pet friendly HIV-campaign

Fred Says is hosting a fundraiser at Progress Bar for their new photographic project that raises awareness about HIV/AIDS and pet owners.
WHAT: “When Dogs Heal”, is a new project organized by Fred Says, highlights the incredible role dogs play in helping their owners heal from emotional and physical ailments. This Chicago fundraiser will feature award winning pet photographer, Jesse Freidin, who will take photo-booth style pictures of people and their pets while attendees sip cocktails and eat small brunch items at Progress Bar, 3359 N. Halsted Street. The event is open to the public and serves as a fundraiser for the Fred Says and their new project.
WHY: Fred Says is compiling the pictures taken for a book that will photographically depict the profound healing effect dogs have on humans. After receiving a cancer diagnosis and shortly thereafter an HIV+ diagnosis, Dr. Rob Garofalo, Division Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, adopted Fred, a Yorkie puppy and face of the charity, and quickly began to see a drastic change in his physical and mental well-being. Dr. Garofalo credits Fred with “saving his life.” While Saturday’s event is about pets and their owners, all photos will not have to used in the book
Studies have repeatedly shown that people with pets are healthier, happier and less depressed than those without pets. The social support a pet provides its owner decreases stress and encourages more social interactions which can help decrease depression and isolation. Dr. Natalie Marks is one of the owners of Blum Animal Hospital and voted “Veterinarian of the Year” in 2012 says, “Pets have an incredible ability to heal on not only a physical but also a mental/emotional level.

It is well documented that petting a dog or cat can significantly lower blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol (stress hormone) levels…The strength of the human-animal bond is almost beyond description and companion animals should be part of the healing process for many chronic illnesses.”
On June 15th, Jesse Freidin will be doing closed-studio portraits of people who are HIV+ and have dogs. Those interested in participating in this portion should email Zach Stafford,
HOW: A suggested donation of $15 is encouraged to attend, and $25 to attend and have a portrait taken by Jesse Freidin.

WHO: 21+ with proper I.D, dogs encouraged.

WHEN: Saturday, June 14th from 12pm-3pm. Doors open at 12pm.