Our Big Queer Latina/o Wedding June 1st


In less than two weeks, couples all over the state of Illinois will be able to marry, regardless of gender. To celebrate this triumph and to kick-off the 5th annual United Latino Pride Week, United Latino Pride (ULP) and Lambda Legal, in conjunction with various other community partners and businesses, will hold a large wedding ceremony and celebration.

“We decided to throw a big wedding open to the community because this victory didn’t happen solely thanks to politicians,” says Lalo Aguayo, ULP co-chair. “It happened because of the countless hours our colleagues at all the major LGBTQQIA and Latina/o organizations spent speaking directly to our leaders in Springfield. It happened because our families and friends engaged in conversations with their peers. This is how we won marriage equality. Hearts and minds are changed one conversation at a time. It only makes sense to celebrate this victory the way Latina/os do: as a family.”

According to organizers, whereas mainstream US society weddings are seen as a private affair, in much of Latin America and in Latina/o communities in the United States, weddings are a communal event.

“Our Big Queer Latina/o Wedding will reflect our culture and how we show happiness. When someone gets married it isn’t just about the two families, it’s about everyone in the community! We invite neighbors and distant cousins, and all the people in our lives that we call uncles, aunts, and cousins, even if they’re not really related,” Aguayo says.

With music, food, and drinks, ULP organizers hope to make this momentous occasion one to remember for the couples getting married and for rest of community witnessing that love and commitment.

“This will be a day for all of us to remember. It is a historic moment in Illinois and an important step towards our vision of a world where the pluralities of our identities as LGBTQQIA Latina/os are not only acknowledged but celebrated as well.”

United Latino Pride’s Big Queer Latino/a Wedding will take place on June 1st, 2014 at the Chicago Urban Arts Society.

For more information and to reserve free tickets visit www.unitedlatinopride.org