Illinois WILL VOTE By Thursday on SB10 Marriage Equality Bill!

  BREAKING NEWS!  The CHICAGO TRIBUNE  just said, “Illinois lawmakers return to the Capitol on Tuesday for the final
scheduled week of the fall session with a measure to legalize same-sex
marriage at the forefront and a vote to deal with the state’s massive
public pension debt unlikely to happen.

Instead, the yearslong debate over changing retirement benefits to
address a $100 billion shortfall may mean lawmakers head back to town in
a few weeks after number crunchers finish their work and if a proposal
can be agreed upon.

That delay shifts the
attention this week to the issue of gay marriage and the fate of a bill
the Senate passed in February that’s been stalled in the House ever
since……read more. 

From  GAY LIBERATION NETWORK…..With a vote by
Illinois’s House on the state’s equal marriage rights bill expected by this Thursday,
Nov. 7th,

regardless of the result, there will be a community response rally at
7 PM, Thursday at the corner of Halsted and Roscoe Streets in the heart of
Chicago’s LGBT entertainment district.

we win, we will celebrate our long-fought victory,” said Gay Liberation
Network spokesman Bob Schwartz, one of the organizers of the event.  “We will also spread the message that
the fight for LGBTQ rights does not end with marriage equality in
Illinois.  If we lose, we will not take
defeat passively.  We will take note of those who stood in the way of our
achieving victory this week and promise payback for their failure to promote
two weeks ago this bill was widely seen as dead in the water for this fall veto
session,” said GLN co-founder Andy Thayer. 
“What changed?  It was the people that forced this bill onto
the agenda for this Fall Veto session, not the politicians and insiders.  It was the explicit threat of political
retribution to those in Springfield who stood in our way or only half-heartedly
supported equal rights.  And make
no mistake, simply calling a vote will not be enough to calm our wrath.
 If the House Democratic caucus does not use
it’s super-majority to pass this bill, we will put the failure
right at their and House Speaker Mike Madigan’s doorstep.”