Blind and Gay Chicago Writer Inspires and Educates

   Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…..
That could be the motto for Robert Kingett, a blind Chicago writer and LGBT activist who is no stranger to adversity.

I’d say the school taught me how to embrace my passion, and shoot for my
dreams. I realized a lot of things about running my own newspaper that
made me grow up very fast, but the school didn’t have any writing club
or journalism class or anything that involved writing so I was an
outsider and my talent was useless there because they were big into
sports and academics. I was good at academics but that’s all, so I
didn’t want to just stand by and not use my gift. That’s why I created
the blind department newspaper.

One of my biggest campaigns that many people know about is the accessible Netflix project,
a campaign to ensure that Netflix adds audio description, a service for
the blind that describes key visual elements such as gestures and scene
changes between dialogue, and accessible interfaces that allow us to
know what’s on their website. Our campaign also aims to provide an
accessible interface for the physically disabled that use alternative
keyboards and the like.

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