The QU Unviels web Series…It’s like The View, but with Queer people

“It’s like The View, but with queer people. We talk about current events
and modern culture while creating our own colorful space in the
media.”­ Joey Grant (Co­Founder)

 The Qu ( has 
unveiled the cast of its upcoming web series, The Qu, with introductory
videos of each co­host. Comprised of six Chicago­based LGBTQ people,
The Qu’s co­hosts embody the diversity found in Chicago’s
queer community.

“The way we watch television is rapidly changing
but what we watch on television is not,” said Qu co­founder and
producer, Erin O’Neal. “While there are huge strides being made
in queer television there is still a long way to go. The voices of the
LGBTQ community are just as important as those of the LGBTQ celebrity.”

As Hulu, Youtube and Netflix begin to create their own
original programming, the lack of LGBTQ visibility remains. Inspired by
the popular series The View, The Qu features a panel of four people who
identify as LGBTQ. The starter season will have 6 episodes
with Precious Davis, Harrison Luckett, Sarah Rosenblum, Crispin Torres,
Alberto Guitérrez (aka Mister Junior), and co­founder Joey Grant. The
web­series will include topics ranging from culture, politics,
and events, discussed through a vital Queer perspective.

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