Crimes Continue in Boystown – Lakeview

 When will this madness stop? 

Every week, we seem to see more and more crimes, usually late night, in Boystown – Lakeview.  
But when you look at the Historic Crime Trend data from Chicago Tribune, is it really high or not? 
Maybe because we receive our news so fast, it just appears to be growing at record rates.

CrimeInBoystown blog ran a piece yesterday about a Community Alert issued from the Police Department. 

The first alert connects three attacks by men or groups of men in which a
hammer is used to threaten and/or strike the victim. Included in the
alert is a robbery in the 3000 block of N. Seminary that CWB reported on this morning. 
The second alert details robberies and purse-snatchings that have been
pulled off by individuals who may be men dressed as women.

This alert is connected to five incidents, four of which have been previously reported on CWB:

• Saturday’s pepper spraying/robbery at Sheffield and Cornelia.

• Saturday’s 7PM attack outside of Berlin nightclub, 954 W. Belmont.

• Yesterdays  incidents at Cornelia and Racine as well as the one at Belmont and Broadway.

CrimeInBoystown have uploaded the CPD-issued PDF files of these two alerts to our Google Drive for download. Alert 1 here and alert 2 here.