A Positive Step Forward for Illinois Marriage Equality

 A bit of good news!!   An Illinois judge has rejected motions to dismiss two court cases
challenging the constitutionality of the state’s ban on same-sex
marriage, Reuters reports:    Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sophia Hall ruled that lawsuits brought
by same-sex couples have a chance of succeeding with the argument that
the state’s ban on gay marriage discriminates against them.

ruling is a boost for Illinois supporters of gay marriage trying to
legalize gay nuptials through the courts because efforts through the
state legislature fell short.

The ACLU and Lambda Legal praised the decsion in a press release:

“This ruling is a big step forward in
putting an end to government-sanctioned discrimination against same-sex
couples and their families in Illinois, but we must continue to push
forward until loving lesbian and gay couples have the freedom to marry
here in Illinois,” said John Knight, director of the LGBT Project at the
ACLU of Illinois. “Same-sex couples and their children have been
waiting far too long in Illinois for the freedom to marry, watching as
state after state has recognized that lesbians and gay men should have
the freedom to marry while Illinois continues to deny them the respect
associated with marriage, as well as the full access to the federal
protections and responsibilities.”