OUT IN THE PARK September 14th, 2013. Don’t Be Left Without a Ticket

First off – It’s actually  8pm – 1am now!  ticket sales are brisk and Six Flags have given us an extra hour to ride, dance and party!
Because this is a “private event” – there are no tickets at the door. Only online, from your PC and printer. And this party has the potential to SELL OUT this year.  Tickets are available through Saturday afternoon – as long as we do not hit 10,000. That’s the cut off this year.  The park can hold 40,000. But the beauty of the private night is short lines. And Six Flags wants to make sure we all have a great time.  So I wouldn’t wait!  Get tickets now and don’t be disappointed!
When you arrive at the park, we will  be checking IDs  and banding people who want to purchase adult beverages! That will save time inside.
You will also get a map upon entering with a schedule of the evenings events and times and locations, as well as all the bars and drinking areas!
SCOTTY  T from Scarlet along with a couple of their uber sexy personalities will kick off the night – followed by Dj Matthew Harvat. 
If we sell enough tickets this year, and prove to Six Flags we can fill their park, they may give us an ENTIRE DAY of own next year! WHOO HOO!
So please support this awesome event – which this year, will help benefit Chicago house. 
CHARLIES   has  buses going , $25  round trip.  
Some seats still available. 3726 N Broadway St
Charlies is also hosting the Official After Party till 5am!  FREE entry with your Six  Flags ticket.  Lot of pre and post parties – look here. Scarlet will host the official closing party on Sunday Sept. 15th, complete with photos from the Six Flags event!