In Loving Memory of Miss Foozie’s Mother

Hello Pineapples,

As a lot of you know Miss Foozies mom didn’t make it
out of ICU and passed away on July 24th. Miss Foozies mom, “Mama
Foozie” was Miss Foozies biggest fan. She attended many events and
totally supported Miss Foozie in every way she could. She was a
wonderful person with a heart of gold like Miss Foozie. Mama Foozie is
now Miss Foozies angel and will help watch over the pineapple patch!

Miss Foozies mom was also his best friend. They were extremely close, and she was Miss Foozies world.

Foozie has decided that since her mother is going to be cremated, that
Miss Foozie wants to purchase a special bench, with his spot also, so he
is next to his mom. The bench with the two spaces is very expensive,
and I wanted to try and help him to reach out to his fans, to make sure
he is able to follow through with this sad part of life.

 Miss Foozie has
been entertaining, loving and and making everyone feel special for 16
years. Lets all come together and help her be able to purchase this, so
he is assured he will be at rest next to his mom on the beautiful bench
she has picked out. No donation is too small, if we all come together
with what we can, we can accomplish this together! 
Thank you all so much
for all your love and support for Miss Foozie, and Thank you for being a
More details for donations at Go Fund Me