Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Steve Grand

 In an awesome interview with Boy Culture, Steve says he is not a country star,  and he talks about his difficult past as a drifter, going through ex-gay therapy and what’s next for him!

BUZZFEED called him ‘The first openly gay country star’…”there’s a lot of things wrong with that statement. I didn’t set out to be the first of anything. I just wrote a song that I really believed in and that I wanted the world to hear. 

There’ve been people who’ve been out in
country music before me, like Drake Jensen and Chely Wright and k.d.
lang. It’s false to say that I’m the first – I’ve never said that, I’ve
never stood behind that. But I do appreciate the media that picked this
up because I had no means of promotion, so I certainly have no ill will
to any press that said that.

I’ve never considered myself country and
didn’t set out to write a country song. That isn’t an important label to
me. If some people wanna call it country, that’s fine with me. I’ll let
people decide how they wanna label it; I just write the songs.

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