Live Nude Male Strippers Come to Chicago land : CREAM

CREAM is the newest night on Mondays featuring full on naked nude male dancers and strippers! Yep-  full on junk in your face – because it’s outside Cook county line.

Half naked shot boys, lap dances  and private dancers, CREAM delivers sexy men strutting their stuff.  $10 gets you a lap dance,  $25 is a 2 song private dance and $125, well that’s   VIP champagne private 30 minutes of fantasy. Mind you, this is not a sex club – it’s sexy and fantasy. There are rules – and camera’s to make sure customers do not get out of hand. 
The idea was developed by Fox Management who handle lots of entertainment needs around the city. They decided to take over a club called  SKYBOX  at  16702 S.  Halsted St.,   Harvey, IL 60426. (7pm – 4am).
The softly launched CREAM this past Monday and plan a Grand Opening for August 5th. As they grow, they want to add on female dancers for the lesbian customers. Later this year they will launch the Stallion Male Review for women on different nights – Mondays will always be LGBT focused. 
They offer Limo shuttle service from Halsted and Belmont for $20 round trip.  The limos run back and fourth throughout the evening.  There is also talk a party school bus, stocked with kegs and entertainment for more a  gay frat boys night out and they also may offer a  VIP  party bus fully stocked with drinks and entertainment.  All these variations will unfold as the business builds and they develop a following. 
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