Steve Grand from Chicago is America’s First Out Gay Male Country Singer

STEVE GRAND…from Chicago is 

America’s first openly gay male country singer!

I fought with who I was for most of my life. In every way a young person can fight with himself.

But starting today… I’m laying it out there. I’m done playing it safe.

I don’t have a manager or a label or any sort of funding other than the
tip money I make playing piano downtown at The Joynt, and also,
ironically to some, in the churches on Sunday morning… (we’ll see how
long I’ll be singing “Glory to God” should this video see the light of

As far as the ascetic achievements of the video… lets
just say I was lucky to have a good friend introduce me to the best team
I could have asked for… who held on to the roller coaster that was
this project and dealt with all my intensity and craziness as the true
professionals they were.

I wrote the song during a drunken
piano jam session at a party. I recorded the vocals in my parents
basement and worked with my friend Max Steger: to record and mix the rest of the instruments.

I feel like music industry people wouldn’t like the idea of me
“pigeonholing” myself by telling this story as I have. But I don’t
believe the world sees change until it sees honesty.

So I went in on my own.

I went all in. There is no Plan B. I’m nervous/excited/horrified/anxious about the implications all of the choices I am making (and have made throughout my journey of discovering myself as a man and as an artist) will have on my future. But then I remind myself I never really had a choice. This is the story I’ve been aching to tell my most of my life… it is what I hold dearest to me.

BUT my story would never have seen the light of day were it not for the kindness and generosity of so many that helped me through this process, many of whom asked for nothing in return. I know my passion and intensity for this project were a lot to deal with (that might be the understatement of the year.. ;)) I want to thank my crew and everyone involved for doing your best to help me keep my sanity… just barely. And thank you for sticking with me; for your flexibility and patience and helping to bring my vision to life. And to mom and dad… I know you guys don’t always understand just what the hell I am trying to do, but continue to love and support me nonetheless. It means everything to me… 


download track here: holding nothing back. time to be brave. time to free my spirit and live my American dream. –  its free or, pay what you like. Every dollar helps.