Scarlet Bar Chicago – Always Improving Party Machine


 “Scarlet reaches back in time for its inspiration and
theme starting with its name. In the 1920’s, members of the GLBT
community wore a piece of scarlet colored clothing to signal their
affiliation to others. Traditionally, scarlet is the color of flame.

Further inspiration came from the “pansy craze” of the early 1930s.
Gay life in Chicago, New York, and other cities was more visible and
accepted. Lesbian salons attracted sightseers to Towertown (now known
as the Magnificent Mile), while drag entertainers were a feature at
South Side clubs.  

It would take close to 50 years before the seeds of the GLBT
community were planted in Lakeview. Today, it isn’t necessary to wear a
small piece of scarlet, we can display it proudly across the top of our

Originators of Frat Night, Liquid Brunch, The First Ward Ball and Dance-off with Your Pants off! Scarlet Bar is a fun place to be! Probably the FUNNEST. Scarlet has enjoyed a rapid ascension on Halsted. Since it’s opening, the venue  continues to win new fans with an almost cultlike following thanks to Frat-boy parties; sexy bartenders dressing up and flowing Champagne on Sunday with music provided by outstanding top DJ’s from all over the city. 
Scarlet opened in 2007 then suffered fire and water damage in 2009. And since then, continues to evolve and make improvements and small changes to fine tune this well greased party machine. They recently updated and added new murals, granite bar tops, new wall coverings and new dj booth and they moved it back farther, new floors, and a new FunktionOne sound system. FunktionOne are Renowned designers and manufacturers of the highest quality sound reinforcement equipment and original founders of Turbosound! Scarlet can REALLY ROCK IT OUT NOW! If you like great DJ’s and dancing, check it out!

There is also new drink menu designed by famed mixologist Ben Newby

Come in and experience a piece of Chicago history and Chicago history in the making at Scarlet.

Scarlet Bar   3320 N. Halsted  773-348-1053

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