Sasha Gradiva June 22 – NOT TO BE MISSED

SATURDAY June 22nd,  8pm on the NORTH Stage of Pride Fest – you do not want to miss  SASHA GRADIVA. 

used to be ruled by the mandate of the velvet rope where only a select few were
granted entry into the exclusive party. The late nineties and the first decade
of the millennium were the V.I.P era, when clubs thrived on celebrating those
deemed privileged – usually due to money or good looks – by sectioning them off
into special roped off areas.  Sure,
these practices still exist at some haunts, but they’ve become passé,
overshadowed by an emerging movement that shuns the exclusivity of yesteryear.  It’s a movement being led by club artists
like Lady Gaga, Sasha Gradiva, and Ke$ha whose anthems (“Born this Way”, “We R
Who We R” and “Come with Us”) promote inclusiveness and make it cool to welcome everyone to the party.


“The club world has changed,” confirms Sasha
Gradiva, who is currently touring the country on her “Lovers Wanted” club
tour.  Her new song, “Come with Us”,
written by Gradiva and Justin Tranter and produced by Axident and platinum hit
maker Tricky Stewart (who produced
Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Beyoncé’s “Single
Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
”, invites the disenfranchised
to join her posse.  “Old club tracks used
to intimidate. They heralded glitz and bling, and
were very
surface. I’d rather my music be inclusive. More over, music should have

According to Gradiva, marching to your own drum is
acceptable today.  “It means that you are
different from others.  Our differences
are what make us unique and special. Trying to be someone else – or trying to
fit in with the status quo – will only dim your light,” she says.

She admits that growing up, she was an
outsider.  “I was the kid with the wild
hair, wearing crazy outfits.  I loved
fashion but not the pretty pashminas and floral dresses all the other girls
were wearing.  I was always experimenting
with avant-garde styles that made me seem a bit freakish to other kids.” 

The point of “Come With Us” is to make all who listen to it feel
understood, embraced and loved.  She says
it carries a special relevance to her gay fans. 

“My message to the gay community is be true you.   When
you fearlessly fight for what you believe in and remain hopelessly optimistic
about life, love and the future, you create connection with all in your path,
most importantly with yourself.”

“Not everyone is going to appreciate you
for the real you,” she continues, “but that’s not your problem.  That’s on them.” 

Not everyone appreciated the real Sasha
Gradiva when she arrived at last year’s Grammy Awards wearing a pink dress and
a costumed (but very real looking) semi automatic assault rifle.  In addition to getting her in big
with event security, she was
lambasted by the press and featured on several worst-dressed lists.


outfit wasn’t a random choice,” she explains. “I wanted to get people to think
about the absurd amount of guns and weapons that are on streets today.  We need to get rid of them.” 

to the recent Sandy Hook massacre, she says, “People shouldn’t be expressing
how sorry they are for one week and then forget about it the next.  That’s what bothers me the most. Do something
about it!”

In Come
with Us, there’s a line that says “when you’re ready, come with us”.

“It simply means when you are ready to make change, you will.  When you’re ready to get off your ass, you

And Sasha
Gradiva will be there waiting for you with open arms.

Don’t miss her at Chicago Pride Fest!

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