The OUT Chicago Hotel Still Working Hard to Please Neighbors

WHY are people afraid of change?

For the past few months developer Ian Reisner has been flying back and fourth from New York to attend Lakeview/Boystown neighborhood meetings, where concerned neighbors have been voicing their opinions on the proposed OUT CHICAGO hotel coming to Halsted. 

THE OUT NYC recently celebrated their first year in business and made FODORS  top 100 Hotels IN THE WORLD award list! That is a huge kudos to them. They share the list with other heavy hitters like  Bellagio Las Vegas, Shangri-La Paris, and Thornbury Castle in England. 
Not to mention all the rave reviews, from gay and straight travelers, on TripAdvisor. And they are currently ranked #4  out  of  160 specialty hotels in New York City. 
So why wouldn’t we want this top notch, 5 star hotel here?
I think many people have not done their homework. At last nights meeting with Belmont Harbor Neighbors Association,  Reisner stated he has taken all of the previous comments to heart and his design team  Koo and Associates are working on new renderings which be available early June at the next meeting.  And can be viewed prior to the meeting. 
“Hotels are considered the epicenter of communities. They bring life and
vibrancy,” Reisner said. “… So I feel like I’m bringing a resort to
your community that will be a luxury, a benefit. … How about jobs? How
about tax revenues? When you say, ‘What am I doing here?’ I feel like
you’re attacking me. Would you like me not to bring a business here?”

People at last nights meeting had in their mind this was going to be a gay flop house. I don’t think a gay flop house could possibly made Fodors list of the top 100 hotels in the world. At  $200-$225  a night, I think this hotel will bring an educated, savvy consumer to Boystown.

People expressed concerns about the “hostel”  element. It’s not a hostel. The OUT NYC  has  a couple   4 person sleep/share rooms, which goes for about $90 a night, per person. People are able to enjoy all the amenities of the hotel but don’t get their own room per se’ and it’s co-ed.

Sleep Shares have a bathroom, a cubby to stash your stuff, and a
full-sized bed with personal 22’ TV and privacy curtains. You can travel with
your friends and get the whole place to yourselves, or come alone and
meet new people. These rooms are the answer to experiencing the pleasure
of New York without the pain of high-priced lodging. So it’s hardly a hostel or sex den. 

More people on the streets  brings vibrancy and consumer dollars to the neighborhood. We should welcome THE OUT CHICAGO with open arms, as they will surely give a huge boost to the neighborhood. 

Jim Ludwig, owner a Roscoes and President of Triangle Neighbors said he believes all parties involved are working together, for the best possible outcome for all.