Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady FORCED TO RESIGN Over Gay Marriage Debate


Illinois Republicans have just forced state party chair Pat Brady to resign because of his support for gay marriage.

Brady, rather famously, came out in support of gay marriage in
January of this year, and even made phone calls to lawmakers urging them
to support gay marriage legislation before the Illinois legislature.

And now he’s politically-dead, killed by a Republican party so
permeated with hate and intolerance that even in a moderate-Republican
state like Illinois, the GOP just couldn’t stomach having a gay friendly  man as
party chair.

In 2013, when 11 American states have already legalized gay
marriage, Illinois Republicans are so hateful and bigoted that they
would destroy a man for daring to speak out in favor of civil rights.

If the state of Illinois DOES NOT PASS Marriage Equality, it will be a sad day, for our State.