Roka Akor is Ready For Spring Dining Freshness

(I think…)
 Restaurants are getting their patios ready, in anticipation of the warmer days ahead!

 Roka Akor downtown is such a beautiful place for after work drinks and bites – or late night on the patio sipping and sharing a punchbowl of Mango Thai Chile Shochu Smash! – By the way, I think this is the only restaurant in Chicago where you can get Shochu.  FUN FACT:  Shochu is Japan’s other indigenous alcoholic beverage, but unlike
sake, shochu is distilled. It is also made from one of several raw
materials. The alcoholic content is usually
25%. Perfect for summertime sipping.

Season change and so drinks. Roka  unveiled a handful of new spring/summer concoctions last week. The Roka Mule served in those wonderful copper mugs with a refreshing blend of vodka, ginger and some fresh berries is perfect on a hot summer evening. or Spring Fashion. Boozy and Bitter made with Gin and bitters.

Libations are great but the real star of the show, I think is the food. Executive Chef Ce Bian has created a brand new Spring collection  bar menu of intriguing dishes, perfect for sharing or nibbling.

Available daily from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. and again from 9:30 p.m. to close.

Roka Akor Chibi Burger, $4;

May means Softshell Crab!  Softshell Crab Maki(1/2 roll),$6;

Braised Duck Spring Roll with Apple and Grape Fruit, $8;

Sweet Corn Tempura with Truffle Aioli, $8;

Chicken Yakitori (3 pc), $9;

SO REFRESHING AND DELICIOUS – Shrimp and Lobster Tacos with Scallop Ceviche, $9; and or Fried Squid with Lime and Serrano Chili, $7.50;

Waygu Beef & Kimchi Dumplings, $12;

What is decadence without bone marrow?
Robata Grilled Bone Marrow with Sesame Nori Toast , $12;

ROKA AKOR has  voted one of the Top 10 Sushi Spots in the United States by Bon Appétit and Travel & Leisure Magazines, and 2013 Michelin Guide Chicago recommended.

It is a stylish Prime steak and sushi restaurant that features Robata-style “open charcoal” cuisine. It is  a rustic form of grilling from Japan. Translated as “around the fireplace,” robata taps the ancient Japanese custom of cooking in the irori, the traditional charcoal-fired hearth once found in every home.

For Chef Ce Bian’s dining room menu, the freshest fish is flown in daily, and sushi and sashimi are carefully handpicked by region and seasonality. The menu also features a variety of succulent steak cuts including Prime Rib Eye with Wafu Dressing and Prime New York Strip Loin with Truffle Aioli, as well as the highest quality of domestic and Australian Wagyu Beef.

Inside Roka Bar — Roka Akor’s informal, yet sophisticated dining environment — guests can feast on a selection of Japanese small plates, which are designed for sharing and very affordable and won’t totally break your bank.

Roka Akor is opening in San Francisco’s Jackson Square,  summer 2013.

*Insider Scoop – Try Sunday Brunch at Roka Akor!   $9-$15.

**Sunday nights – Industry night! Roka Akor is offering those who work in the hotel, bar, restaurant and
tourism fields 41% off sizzling steak, sushi and sashimi every Sunday evening! Simply present an Industry Card and receive the discount off
your entire bill (excluding bottles of liquor above $150 and limited to
four guests, 20% gratuity of the original check amount will be

Roka Akor 

456 N Clark St  Chicago, IL 60654

(312) 477-7652