Sidecar High Tech Hitchhiking Comes to Chicago

How neat is this idea?
SideCar is an interactive technology service and ride-sharing platform, that provides an online
provide exempt rideshare transportation. Essentially, a quick and hassle-free ridesharing
option that offers more safety than casual carpooling and is a completely donation-
based way to get around town!
SideCar is an app, so community drivers can be available for ridesharing
at any time. As our community grows, so do the number of drivers and
area of coverage. It’s brand new in Chicago – so give it some time to grow.  Check
your app anytime for a quick, fun and reliable ride.
SideCar is neither a taxi nor a limo service. It’s a ride-matching app that connects
people who need rides with vetted drivers from the community who are able and willing
to share a ride. All payments are completely voluntary and are handled via a cashless,
donation-based system between smartphones.             
SideCar is a donation-based service. The funds you decide to transfer to your driver
are completely voluntary. To help make the donation system easier, we’ve included a
“suggested donation” in the app, which shows you how much others are paying for rides
of similar durations and distances. The suggested donation is constantly updating to
reflect new donations made in the system. The donation you make can be any amount,
including $0. Just remember to treat your drivers like you would like to be treated!
CHI will be providing DOSE-goers the opportunity to try the service and
snag a free ride to the Market this Sunday! Just enter the code
ILOVEDOSE for a $15 credit toward your first ride.