Benjamin Newby Shakes up Spring Drinking at Taverna 750

Benjamin Newby, a big name in the Chicago restaurant scene, he is one of Chicago’s most celebrated and recognizable operators and mixologists. When it comes to mixology, Ben’s cocktails embody his heartfelt, experience-led concepts. He is known for creating innovative drinks enjoyed by both the connoisseur and the person looking for a great libation.

It’s that eye for creativity and balance in his cocktails that has earned Newby numerous accolades. The UK transplant has lived in Chicago for the past eight years, and currently the Brand Architect for Hennessy Black.
 His latest creations shine at Taverna 750. He developed a  spring cocktail menu and did some tweaking on existing cocktails, to create perfection.  He has launched six seasonal creations available through the end of summer and will roll out a patio beverage menu when the weather FINALLY warms up – that could be any day now!

They are all good. Trust me, I tasted them all!  But I have to say I really like  the tequila-based “Smoky Paloma” is paired with Taverna’s  housemade grapefruitcello, bottled overnight, and served in a smoking glass over a vanilla-bourbon ice cube the size of a softball with a sidecar in a fishbowl of ice, of course.  Can you say FABULOUS?!

“Pisco 750” is a little sweet + a little sour, mixing housemade pistachio liqueur with egg white and frozen pineapple. Very refreshing.

Also you should check outSan Remo, made with Hennessy Black, Wild Strawberry Tea Syrup, Squeezed Lemon, Apertif, Topped with Wild Strawberry Tea Foam–  the foam topping is awesome!

And the desert drink for me!   “Italian Cream Soda” with Orange Vodka, Lazzaroni Amaretto, Passion Fruit Syrup,  Orange Liqueur, Orange Juice, Topped with Averna Infused Whipped Cream and a cherry. Decadent!
Taverna 750’s original cocktail menu was more martini-centered and tweaked by Charles Joly, who now runs The Aviary. Newby is also rolling out new cocktails also at the  neighboring Scarlet, around the corner on Halsted. 
The best of old school Italian with a contemporary flair.
750 W Cornelia Ave  
(773) 904-7466
Benjamin Newby
Twitter: @benjaminnewby   &    Facebook: benjamin.newby