Illinois New Furnace Law could Cost you Big $$$

URGENT NEWS to home 

and condo owners! 

WOW! I just found this out this past week!!

I had to have my furnace checked, because it was not firing right. It just needed a cleaning, but it is 20 years old.  So my repairman asked me if I had heard about the new law going to effect  next month?

2013 Federal Furnace Efficiency Law


On 5/1/2013 the minimum efficiency requirement for furnaces in Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin will be 90% AFUE.

  1. Any furnace replacement and/or installation after 5/1/2013 will require a 90%+ AFUE furnace. NOTHING LOWER CAN BE SOLD TO HOMEOWNERS.
  2. 90%+ furnaces are condensing units, meaning they emit water vapor
    along with carbon dioxide in the flue gases which will rust the sheet
    metal piping that 80% furnaces are exhausted with. Due to the corrosion
    90%+ furnaces require a new PVC flue to be installed.
  3. Depending on the location of the new 90%+ furnace; the PVC flue may
    be exposed in the interior of buildings and may require  remodeling
    following the installation.
  4. A chimney liner may also be required at the time of the 90+ furnace installation for existing atmospheric venting water heating

for more info, go to the web address below:

 SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN EXACTLY??? If your furnace is located in the basement or near an outside wall, your cost will not be greatly affected, probably a few hundred dollars more. 

However, my unit is in a closet, in the center of my home.  The new furnace would require new piping to go up through 2 OF MY NEIGHBORS CLOSETS and  UP TO THE ROOF!!  Do you know what the added cost would be?  Another $2000+ !!!!

So for me, it makes sense RIGHT  NOW! Um  Mom,  I think I need a small loan….

You  until 5/1/2013 to replace your older  furnace with a new 80% furnace and SAVE NOW!