Chicago Cabaret Project May 3rd

When the sun sets and you need a place where you can escape—

come to the cabaret!

A place where fantasy, music and comedy collide; life in the cabaret is something you have to experience!

THE CABARET PROJECT is the Hottest cabaret troupe in the city of Chicago!!

and beautiful, the Project strives to revitalize the art of cabaret by
attracting and captivating audiences with stellar voices, handsome
presentations and raw sexual appeal!

Incorporated in 2007, the Chicago Cabaret Project began entertaining and
stimulating audiences at various venues throughout the city of Chicago.
In each of the company’s first two years they produced only one show
each year. In 2009 the company expanded to extended, regular runs, and
produced nine shows from June to December of that year. This momentum
marked a significant presence for the ensemble among the theatre and
entertainment professionals of Chicago, garnering praise and admiration
for their beautiful vocal styling and provocative, sexy presentations.
In 2012, The Chicago Cabaret Project was granted not-for-profit status
and was reincorporated as The Cabaret Project.
The next show is MAY 3rd!  Hosted by Amy Armstrong at The Back Room, 937 Rush!
The Cabaret Project