Pie Hole Joint Pizza Opens Second Location in Uptown

Great news for Uptown/Andersonville!

5001 N. Clark, the storefront that was once home to CLARKS ON CLARK and lately was home to Winston’s Internet Cafe for a while, is being taken over by PIE HOLE JOINT. 
Winston’s closed, it was remodeled and rehabbed.  Rumors had it that Chipotle would be going in, but that didn’t happen, and Uptown Update posted back in November that Pie Hole was a possible new tenant.

They played coy for a while, but now owner Doug Brandt  made it official:

Pie Hole Pizza will be opening its  SECOND  delicious location and have chosen Uptown, at 5001 N Clark Street, at Argyle.  Projected opening date is sometime in April. Possibly April 1, April Fools Day. “We’re shooting for April 1,” Brandt said in another post. “If we miss, we can always claim ‘April Fools!'” says Brandt. 

Last month  Brandt admitted the new second location  was more than a possibility and started a crowdsourcing campaign to bring Pie Hole to the new location.  Must have been a success, because it’s official.

The Uptown expansion is a dream come true for the local small
business owner, who said when he saw the vacant storefront last year he
envisioned “bright neon signs” in his mind that told him it would be a
great spot for his second location.

Brandt said Pie Hole, which offers an an eclectic variety of custom
pizzas with crazy combinations such as marshmallow and sausage, has
always had an “underground, anti-establishment and irreverent vibe.”

“The fact that it is not in the most commercial location is actually a plus for us,” he said.

The new address is in a residential area, but it sits on bustling
North Clark Street at West Argyle Avenue, at “the end of the
Andersonville retail strip that is progressively growing a little
farther and farther south,” Brandt said.

“So, it has a lot of potential in the future.” – And this is interesting….Brandt initially had trouble finding a funding stream to tap that
potential — before $30,000 in loans raised via crowd-funding program LendSquare solved his problem in December. LendSquare asks members of the community for two-year loans that are paid back with interest. What a cool idea!

We are very excited about Pie Hole coming to Uptown/Andersonville and can’t wait to
dig into our first custom slice.