Chicago Pride Fest Expands as well as Gay Pride Week 2013

For years now ,  Australia and Toronto has had a week long gay pride celebration. And visitors come from all over the world to those cities. 

Here in Chicago we host a 2 day pre-pride party, Friday and Saturday on North Halsted called Pride Fest, then on Sunday is our parade. 
For 2013, event organizers are going to expand it into a full week!  With Pride Fest being 2 days, Saturday and Sunday (instead of usual Friday night and Saturday) June, 22 and 23, followed a week long of LGBT events with the big parade on June 30th! 
The expansion will allow locals a whole week to celebrate their pride and this expansion should also make Chicago more of destination for Gay Pride! Some non-profits we have talked with are already plan some of their events to take place during that week.
More details  soon!
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