HYDRATE Purity Ball Dec. 22

Among devout Christians,
the Purity Ball is a gathering of young people who sign a vow of
chastity. NVRLND is about to do its take on this evangelical classic. On
SATURDAY, DEC. 22ND, we regain our virginity for the new year.

This will be the fiercest White Party to hit Chicago. NVRLND’s heavy
arsenal of lights and lasers…new LED dance boxes…the return of the
photo booth…white confetti…bad-ass costumes…CO2…3D
carnage…we’re putting on a f**king show.

DJ JALIL Z (Miami, FL) returns after his highly successful NVRLND Labor Day party
Live Drums by Mo Kabre, Lighting by Joe Gillan
Production/Costumes by Eddie Couture, Damian Martin, Raul Redaggio, and CHOKE by Shawn Satterfield

NVRLND dancers. NVRLND production. NVRLND lasers.