$500 Poster Contest for 2013 Gay Six Flags Event

“Out in the Park” at Six Flags Great America returns in 2013 with a BANG!  

A private LGBT event featuring unlimited riding of  ALL  Six Flags Great America’s amazing rides (X-Flight, Superman, Batman, etc.) , live music by an internationally sought after DJ who calls Chicago home, Matthew Harvat, delivering a complete party-celebration dance area everyone can enjoy! Plus some surprise celebrity guests and niche entertainment venues!

BestGayChicago.com and (Sponsor) are excited to return with an all new LGBT Celebratory event and fundraiser at Six Flags Great America. “We are very excited to be asked to return this year to Six Flags Great America and their excitement in allowing us this unique opportunity to produce such an awesome private event for our community at their park,” said Derrick Sorles, owner of BestGayChicago.com. “We are proud to have another charity benefiting this year.”
In preparation for the marketing campaign for Chicago’s 2nd Annual “Out In The Park”  2013, BestGayChicago.com is seeking  artists interested in creating a prize-worthy poster and postcard design promoting the 2013 Six Flags Great America Celebration.

500 Posters and 30,000 Postcards will be printed and distributed in
Chicagoland, Wisconsin, parts of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana! 
Plus we’ll have ads and banners on websites everywhere including
Facebook. Your name will be on everything, giving the artist amazing exposure!

This was last year’s poster:

  • The competition is open to all interested artists and graphic designers.
  • All submissions must be received before the deadline to be considered in the competition.
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions entered.
  • There is no cost to submit.
  • Entries will be accepted from individuals, collaborative teams, or design firms, with prize money being split between the entrants listed on the submission.
  • The winner will be given credit for design on artwork to include a name or website reference on all printed material and on www.BestGayChicago.com, www.GaySixFlagsChicago.com and other websites that run the official press release.
All interested artists are asked to complete and submit their work for review and judging before 5pm, March 1st, 2013.

The winning design as chosen by BestGayChicago.com will receive $500 and 2 tickets to the “Out In The Park” at Six Flags Great America 2013 Celebration ($80.00 Value).

There are also prizes of $39 complementary “Out In The Park” tickets from BestGayChicago.com for their other favorites and Facebook fan favorite art designs. BestGayChicago.com and the artist(s) will share equal rights to the uses of the image.

*This was the BACK of last years postcard – we’ll be looking to totally redesign the back, with much less information:


Information the artists need to know:

On Saturday, September 14, 2013, (from 9pm – 1am), the park will be closed to the general public for this private event. ALL the rides will be open. There will be NO LINES to ride rides – ride as much as you want. Ticketholders will  enjoy the music of DJ Matthew Harvat as it is heard live throughout most the park. Matthew will do what he does best as he creates a signature dance area experience never seen before at Six Flags Great America. This amazing event welcomes all LGBT friendly folks from the five surrounding states coming together to pride-fully celebrate on this once-a year extremely special Saturday night!

Tickets for admission to the park are $39 includes FREE PARKING!  A portion of all  tickets sold will benefit (Charity TBD 2/1/13).

Example below of artwork retooled for ad:

BestGayChicago.com is looking for artwork and a design that immediately grab your attention visually and look like something REALLY FUN that you feel compelled to buy a ticket for , grab some friends and get out and have a BLAST!

Entries must include:

  • OUT IN THE PARK official logo
  • BestGayChicago.com official logo
  • All text necessary to create the sell message
  • Additional sponsor/media partner logos
  • Beyond bright and colorful!
  • Use of park ride(s) and feeling of fun and/or movement
  • The rest is up to you and your vision!

Entries will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Overall impact of eye-catching appeal
  • Visual attractiveness
  • Ability to draw the viewer in
  • Clear and concise messaging
  • Appropriateness of graphics used
  • Off the-chart creativity
  • Must be appropriate for all ages.

Include your name, address, email and phone number on with each submission to
BestGayCities (at) gmail (dot) com.
All submissions will be judged based on content, appeal and marketability. The decisions of the judges will be final.

Guidelines are as follows:
   – Size 11″ X 17″ Entries should be developed at least 300dpi, but can be submitted at a lower resolution.
 – Final winner will submit 300dpi  PDF – and be able to tool poster theme into postcard size and various sized ads.
   – Must be original artwork. Do not submit copyrighted work. BE CAREFUL using stock images for rides that do not exist at Six Flags Great America. We can not show a full ride image, of a ride that does not exist. However, you could  cut out portions of a generic ride and riders, if needed.

PLEASE call or email for more information needed or ANY questions!
Michael or Derrick   773-878-5323