Chicago Singer John Jones new cd Everything I Have

When I listen to this record it feels like everything in my life was leading up to this. This is the album I was born to make.

 Chicago-based singer/songwriter John Jones couldn’t be any more proud of his third collection of original songs, “Everything I Have.” Self-produced and recorded at home, the album is the ultimate DIY project. Four of the album’s 13 tracks have guest guitarists, and everything else you hear is John. He says he’s still proud of his first two releases, “Homegrown” and “Shine Right Where You Are”…but “Everything I Have” has more resonance. 
John says, “Every piece of my life is here: romance, heartbreak, friendship, spirituality. It’s a checklist of everything that’s significant in my world. The first time I listened to the master, I actually got a little emotional…that’s how personal it is, and that’s how much the finished product sounds like the music I’ve been hearing in my head for the past year as I recorded it.

But John isn’t just proud of what the album means to him; he’s proud of its potential to mean something to others. “It’s not trendy, but it’s definitely commercial,” he says. “Karma Man, God in Your Houses, Talk to Me, Paper Plane…they’re all singles. The melodies stick, the lyrics really say something…this is completely accessible pop music. Now I just need to figure out the right platforms for it to be heard.” 
John’s campaign for success starts with a music video for Karma Man, filmed in England in October. You can keep an eye out for the video, sample the new album, and find out where John is performing by visiting his website,, or his Facebook page, 
“Everything I Have” is available now  on iTunes,  CD Baby, and Amazon.