Final Weeks for Haunted Segways Tours Downtown Chicago

If you are looking for fun things to do in Chicago at night, why not try a classic Chicago haunted ghost tours? 

Join Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours on this haunted segway tour of Chicago where they share Chicago’s history of death, disasters, murder, murderers, infamous gangsters, and ghostly tails. 
You will glide around the streets of downtown Chicago, escorted by one of  their segway tour guides. Eerily you will creep and glide   through the shadows and darkness to hear some of Chicago’s true ghost stories and view the site where some of Chicago’s most appalling disasters took place.
 Your guide will share
stories of Al Capone’s haunted yacht, and the famous Chicago gangster’s
affiliation with a notorious Michigan Avenue hotel, allegedly the most
haunted hotel in the city. You will learn about the creepy things that
have happened in the hotel, such as a number of unexplained deaths and
the self playing piano in the grand ballroom.     
This haunted tour of Chicago is a fun thing to do in Chicago in a creepy sort of way!
Ends  SOON!
Phone:     312-552-5100
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