Fran Lebowitz in Chicago Oct. 2, 2012

Fran Lebowitz

Oct. 2, 2012 (7:30 p.m.)

*Harris Theater Debut

Fran Lebowitz
– acclaimed author and witty chronicler of the “me decade” – will
appear on the Harris Theater stage exactly one month before America
heads to polls. Her performance – “A State of the Union Conversation” –
will be moderated by Steppenwolf Theatre Company Artistic Director Martha Lavey

The special evening of conversation will be followed by lively interaction with audience members. Lebowitz, considered by many as the heir to Dorothy Parker, is famous for her contributions to Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, and she recently was the subject of Martin Scorsese’s HBO documentary “Public Speaking.”  The show was  a terrifically entertaining romp, and Fran even manages to almost sort of finally seem to come out as a lesbian at last.

When discussing gay rights, she says it’s weird that gay people are
fighting to marry and be in the armed forces — those seem like the
antithesis of freedom, she says, adding that they’re not rights she
particularly wants for herself (though she’d vote for them since other people want them so badly).

She will make her Harris Theater debut at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 2, 2012. The Harris Theater for Music and Dance is at 205 E. Randolph Drive, Chicago, IL. Tickets are available at 312-334-7777, or online at