Chicago Chick Fil A Boycott Today

While the local Chick Fil A owner says ““We are a family of deep Chicago roots – my husband and I both came from
city worker families (teachers, police, laborers) and Steve is a city
worker,” she noted. She also said they’ve supported, hospitals, schools,
churches and even LGBT groups.” – really?  I would like to see where and how she made a LGBT donation last year.  Still, a portion of all food sold goes to the CEO who then pumps a couple million a year into the anti gay movement.

Sure. We all have freedom of speech. And Chick Fil A and many other businesses may be against gays. But yet there is a debate about whether or not people should patronize Chick-fil-A restaurants.

a corporation openly supported organizations dedicated to racist or
religious discrimination, would those who support Chick-fil-A support
such a business?

Probably not openly, but their desire to support an openly anti-gay corporation shows their bigotry nonetheless.

Please do the right thing.  Join the boycott. 

More importantly, help spread the boycott.  Join the 4:30 PM boycott re-launch event today (Wednesday, Aug. 8) at 30 E. Chicago Avenue, Chicago (near
the “Chicago” stop on the Red Line el).  We will have posters and
stickers available so that you can take a direct role in helping spread
the boycott.  Please join the Facebook event here and then invite your Facebook friends to also participate.