How to Eat Anything You Want AND Lose Weight

Most of us are fighting the same fight when it comes to eating right
and exercising.  Sure, some fitness enthusiasts love their veggies with
the same fervor the rest of us hold for ice cream, but most of us impose
some level of discipline upon ourselves when we aim to improve our
fitness or shrink our waistlines.

     We make dozens of choices that lead to either shrinking or expanding each day:

  • Ice cream or cottage cheese?
  • A handful of m&m candies or a handful of almonds?
  • Bacon wrapped filet or sushi?
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy or a side salad?
  • Pepsi, Coke or Water?
  • Two scoops or one?
  • Would you like an Oreo cookie? Yes or no?

     If we can stay on the straight and narrow through a long series
of instant decisions, we’ll be rewarded by an almost imperceptably
smaller belly in few not-so-short days–significant mental effort for a
very slight reward. 

     Statistics prove that most of us are failing.  Americans are
getting larger each year, and while there’s a case to be made for
blaming various entities and industries for the problem, there’s also a
very good case for leaving the responsibility with each individual. 
Collectively, we are not very good at consistently making good food and
activity choices.

     You need a FUN DAY!  One day each week to indulge your
cravings.  One day each week to mentally relax and enjoy whatever foods
you want to eat whenever you’re motivated to eat them.  One day each
week to rest your body and your mind–an appropriate reward for a week
of hard work.

     Those who refer to Fun Day as Cheat Day are missing some
important information.  First, Fun Day is part of the program, and well
within the rules, so it isn’t cheating.  Also, beyond providing the
mental and emotional break most of us need when we work hard at
something for six consecutive days, Fun Day is good for us physically

     Our bodies adapt.  The mysterious metabolism isn’t a randomly or
genetically assigned rate at which our bodies burn fuel.  Our metabolic
rate is a continually adapting rate based upon the production of
several hormones, our activity level and our food consumption. 

     Our favorite nutrition guru, Elaine Waldschmitt, explains it
this way, “The FUN day is an important part of the nutrition program. 
There are many regulatory hormones in the body.  Simply put, their job
is to survey what is coming in as calories, what is being burned as
calories out, and preserve the body in the most healthy way possible. 
So these hormones do a a little “regulating” for us.  If we always eat a
very low calorie intake (perhaps less than we burn as activity), the
hormones very slightly adjust our metabolism.  Also, eating “healthy”
will adjust the levels of other hormones that tell us to store fat,
become more efficient at our energy usage, etc.  So….. the FUN day
tells our bodies not to lower our metabolic rate too much.  It sort of
“re-sets” our metabolism to “high”, which is what we want!”

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