Help Chicago’s Gay Homeless Youth July 25th

On Wednesday July 25th, “We Are Halsted,” a series of variety shows
that benefits the Chicago queer community by raising funds and
awareness, will be raising money for queer homeless youth. The event
will be called Show Support With Showtunes and will feature live musical
theater performances and take place at Sidetrack Video Bar at 3349 N
Halsted, Chicago, IL at 7pm. Performers donating their talent include
Jeff nominated Jayson Brooks (lead singer from JC Brooks And The Uptown
Sound,) Jess Godwin (nationally touring
recording artist,) Sharriese Hamilton, Joey Stone (Pippin,) Ryan Lanning
(Alien Queen) and Bethany Thomas (Hairspray) and hosted by Benny
Stardust (Steamworkz: The Musical, Windy City Gay Idol.) The night will
also include a silent auction. The proceeds will benefit The Night
Ministry’s queer homeless shelter The Crib.

We Are Halsted
was organized in the summer of 2011 in response to rising numbers in
queer homeless youth. Twenty-six percent of LGBTQ youth were kicked out
of their homes when they came out (that’s over a quarter of LGBTQ
youth.) Queer youth are seven times more likely to be victims of crime
and three times more likely to engage in survival sex. There are 15,000
homeless youth in Chicago and up to 40% of them identify as queer. July
25th will be the third edition of We Are Halsted and organized by its
creator Adam Guerino and the creator of Over The Rainbow, Jimmy Kays.

Our beneficiary combats this issue like no other organization in
Chicago. The Night Ministry’s The Crib not only provides queer homeless
youth with food and shelter throughout the night, but with a sense of
community and confidence–empowering them as they search for housing and
employment. It is the only shelter of its kind in the Midwest and the
only resource for youth from Chicago and several surrounding states.
Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, it has gone from being a
year-round homeless shelter to only being available from October 1st to
April 30th. If there are 15,000 homeless youth in Chicago and 40% of
them identify as queer, that means 6,000 homeless youth no longer have a
safe place in Chicago over night. Where will these youth go? Statistics
can’t say but whether they are empowered enough to ask or not, queer
homeless youth are hoping for your help.

A personal belief
from the organizers of We Are Halsted is that when a youth is kicked out
of a straight home for being queer, whether admitted or only
suspected–they belong to the queer community. These youth want what the
entire queer community wants, to be accepted for who they are, who they
love but most importantly, to feel safe with food, shelter and a future
in the wider community. They need your support to achieve these simple,
basic goals.

We Are Halsted: Show Support With Showtunes.
Wednesday July 25th doors open at 7pm at Sidetrack on 3349 N Halsted.
Tickets are $12 in advance ((go to
– donate – and choose “We Are Halsted” in the drop-down menu, select
$12 donations and your name will be added the door list,)) and $17 at
the door. All tickets include a drink ticket. Proceeds benefit The Night
Ministry’s The Crib.

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