La Soiree with Bath Boy David O’Mer in Chicago until August 5th – MUST SEE Show!

The sexy, funny and dangerous world of LA SOIRÉE! Has arrived in Chicago for a LIMITED engagement!!

A theatrical phenomenon, a unique and inspirational night of live entertainment, LA SOIRÉE’s heady cocktail of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary variety has taken the world by storm. Showcasing the crème de la crème of twisted cabaret entertainers from around the world, including stars of the Olivier-Award winning La Clique, LA SOIRÉE is an international sensation. And we are very lucky this show has made their North American debut in Chicago!

Fresh from record-breaking and awarding-winning seasons in London and Australia, taking in the iconic Sydney Opera House and Camden’s legendary Roundhouse, LA SOIRÉE is limbering up for a world-wide tour this Summer.

Playing at the The Riverfront Theater, 650 West Chicago Ave., this is Chicago’s newest
destination for music, theater, dance, spectacles and more. Now in its
second year, the 70-foot tall, 20,000 square foot temperature-controlled
tent is the cornerstone of a 80,000 square-foot entertainment complex
that includes dining and refreshment options located on the scenic
Chicago River. (Right behind Japonais Restaurant, across the river).

But what is so cool about La Soiree is everything happens on a tiny round stage that is about 12 feet around.  And the audience surrounds the stage, so it is extremely intimate. Winner of the 2012 London Cabaret Awards, La Soiree is very sexy, very funny, and I encourage you to run see this show while it is in Chicago for a very short run!

Denis Lock and Hamish McCann are two delightful and devilish  English Gents (above)  who perform inconceivable feats of acrobatic skill, strength and balance, all whilst casually puffing a pipe and sporting the stiffest of British upper lips. The act mixes their highly skilled stunts with a dry English wit, unexpectedly climaxing with the two hilariously baring near-all for Queen and country and in the process displaying more pure sex appeal than ever before seen under a bowler hat.

And that’s not all! In a UK first the Gents will be premiering their solo acts with LA SOIRÉE, offering  audiences the chance to see beyond the pinstripes and breeches. Denis pays homage to the Far East with a kimono-clad display of towering strength, with an amazing balancing chair act!  And   Hamish’s pole performance, imagine Fred Astaire from Singing in the Rain meets Cirque du Soleil!  will blow you away! Two amazing  talented men with  bodies that are incredibly strong and rock solid.

It’s been quite a year for Le Gateau Chocolat, the opera-singing diva with a penchant for being wrapped in body hugging lycra and a passion for laughter.

 Since first guesting with us at the Hippodrome, La Gateau Chocolat exploded onto London’s cabaret scene and has been garnering praise and adoration across the globe – from Edinburgh to Melbourne, and from TV screens to the cover of Time Out.

This delicious confection is a killer baritone who delivers outrageous yet moving renditions of everything from pop-rock to opera.

A real showstopper, Le Gateau Chocolat has a warmth that will see the whole world addicted to chocolate; that is if you aren’t hooked already!

And then  David O’Mer..….sigh. Affectionately known  as Bath Boy.
Hailing from Berlin and originally trained as a gymnast, David has been a cornerstone of this dysfunctional family for many years. His now world-famous incarnation as ‘Bath Boy’ leaves audiences damp and breathless in admiration – the combination of wet jeans and awe-inspiring aerial ballet is once-seen, never-forgotten.

 David IS the Adonis in denim.

We first discovered David through You Tube a couple years ago. And we thrilled to see him in Chicago and bring his jaw dropping talents to Chicago!

Low lighting, rippling muscles, a near-naked man in a bathtub and
sultry music… his act  is probably seven of the sexiest minutes you will ever
experience!  Of course, we had to run backstage after the show and meet the infamous “bath man” – and have him autograph the washcloth we caught during his act!

David says, “It’s pretty easy to meet people
after the show because they’re all excited about the act!”

Obviously, his act is highly appealing to gay men and women. But David says straight men seem to enjoy it as well.
“I’ve always waited for guys to just not be into it but I’ve never had a
bad response. Even in corporate performances where the audience is 90
per cent male everyone has loved the show. It made me realise that even
straight guys can just look at the act and not worry about it.

About 10 acts in all – La Soiree delivers an adult evening of fun and  sexy entertainment! Their is a  striptease act with mischievous disappearing hankies.  From high brow to low brow and from live art to loquacious party tricks,Susannah  Martinez treads where few performers dare to go, with the audience right there along for the ride. Expect to emerge from her act with a rudimentary knowledge of bawdy Spanish and a surprising awareness of anatomy.

And then the Supple, sexy, skilful and stunningly handsome, Bret Pfister brings the finest of New York’s cabaret talent to LA SOIRÉE. Equally inspired by the neo-Weimar cabaret movement and the nu-wave, synth-pop sounds of the 1980s, he blends awesome physical skill and a cool insouciance into his exquisite, punked-up aerial ballet.

We could go on and on – but go see this show!

La Soiree

NOW through  Sunday 5 August

Show times:
Sunday – Thursday    8pm
Friday & Saturday      6pm and 9pm

Please check here for full performance schedule.

Prices from $ 50.00 – ask about the POSH on stage seating!!!

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