Abbey of West Hollywood Getting Closer to a Boystown Chicago opening?

For months now, it has been speculated the famed ABBEY bar from West Hollywood was coming to Halsted St. in Boystown.  Abbey is making no comment.

As previously reported it was speculated that SBE had purchased a lot, at 3514 N Halsted St.  Rumors were that SBE had looked at the old Brompton garage at 3532 N. Halsted, but a real estate source we talked to said the garage had way too many environmental problems that looked too costly for the investors.

No one is saying BOO about the project. However last week  huge EFFEN vodka signs went into the Brompton garage windows – leaving very little room to peer inside! So it would appear, the ABBEY might in fact be going in now!  confirmed several weeks ago,  that a local businesswoman, Wendy Berger
Shapiro, is under contract to purchase the 12,100 square-foot building
at 3532 N. Halsted and that meetings have already been held with city
officials and neighborhood groups, including Triangle Neighbors and the Northalsted Business Alliance, to discuss plans for The Abbey. Shapiro confirmed the contract but also noted that the purchase has not been finalized.

The Abbey and SBE are still playing it cool. Saying nothing is really happening.  – But come on – the EFFEN vodka signs – what’s that all about??

Stay tuned for more details. If the Abbey opens in Chicago, nightlife will be given a BIG shake up!

UPDATE  7-17-2012

THE DEAL WITH BROMPTON GARAGE  WILL NOT HAPPEN, says broker Wendy Berger Shapiro. SBE has walked away from the table at this time.