University Club in Molene Refuse to Host Lesbian Wedding

The historical University Club in Molene created a stir this week.  When a Taylor Shumaker, a lesbian got a tour and inquired about renting the hall, the manager   Kristen Stewart  said she could rent to homosexuals.

In a phone interview with WQAD, Stewart says it is all true, and defended her right to refusal.

“I am a biblical Christian and I do not
believe in homosexual marriage, that’s correct. And because marriage is a
covenant that God created for man and woman, as a biblical Christian, I
cannot help them into or celebrate that sin,” said Stewart.
Stewart is the wife of the president of the University Club, and daughter-in-law of its owners.

According to Illinois laws, this is against to law to refuse homosexuals couples!

Kristen Stewarts husband, who is President of the University Club, says his wife mis-spoke, and they WILL rent to homosexuals! – Perhaps his lawyer said he’d better correct the issue….