EVENTAPHOBIA Returns to Hydrate Friday the 13th

visuwil takes bold leaps to rejuvenate the nightlife scene
with an artistic approach & through a creative artist perspective!

2012 is an ongoing theme party production creatively based on a
specific phobias…and on addressing your personal fears. This
eventaphobia 2012 production is featuring Ornithophobia or the fear of birds.

To express and bring to life his phobia theme, he incorporates
extraordinary costumed local artists, extravagantly masked local models,
3D props, eye-popping decor, stimulating & sexy live music, and, of
course, your favorite flow of nightlife libations…all staged within a
selected venue or social environment.
Appealing to ALL of the human senses! Experience the incredible fun and
fear of EVENT-A-PHOBIA! featuring popular local & abroad DJs!!!

“visuwil creates Cirque for the Nightlife”

Everyone who misses amazing parties in Chicago, needs to come out and  support this event.

 “I really miss going out –  when going out, meant GOING OUT! Not just for drinks. But for an evening of excitement. And entertainment!  Remember Studio 54? Twilo? Roxy? Limelight? in New York? That was going out.  Back in the day the themed monthly NITRO parties were really hot.  Going out here in Chicago was  special back then. But then people started staying in. Getting online. I am trying to bring them back out…. To something exciting that will knock their socks off!

Come experience FRIDAY the 13th of APRIL in a sexy way…

…when visuwil creatively presents:

ORNITHOPHOBIA! the fear of birds!

Inspired by mostly by the thrilling movie classic…Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963)… visuwil plans to truly unveil a massive flock of birds…beyond your wildest imagination!

Over approx. 1000 art form birds will be presented!!
-The production will include elaborately feathered costumes…bird-like muscle men & bird-like women!
-Along with eye-popping décor; representing various species of birds with focus on the black crow/raven.
-This concept is guaranteed to be very sexy & whimsical!

featuring the incredible beats of DJ Phil DaBeatz and introducing the
sexy sexy SEXY sounds of Dj Dustin Sheridan…”birds of a feather flock together”.

Hydrate Nightclub & visuwil  are very excited to have two of Chicago’s popular Djs one night only…under one roof…for this INCREDIBLE THEMED  PRODUCTION!!!

“We seem to be lacking hope in everything socially…this includes the very establishments who bring us our fun.
Bars should still be our fun outlets…we should support our local artists, bars & clubs! 
We’re NEVER too old to enjoy life. 

I believe in ‘Clubbing with a cause’…the cause is to keep nightlife creative & ALIVE!!!  It’s an investment for our community, for our entertainment, for our lives!”  ~visuwil
FRIDAY April 13th – doors open 10pm
Hydrate 3458 North Halsted Street

*photo credit: visuwil & Chris Blaski Photography

visuwil Eventaphobia 2012
creative concepts = innovative events “not just a party…an event”  “entertainment & diversions”  producing
events to enlighten the senses; for ALL to be entertained… supporting the arts, models, local businesses & nightlife.

Producer of the past long running monthly Nitro theme parties and
phobia visionary, Will Harrison aka visuwil of visuwil LLC.
is known for his creative, whimsical, and edgy theme settings.