BENEFIT Tonight! For Bryan Christopher Shades at Hydrate Feb 29th

Last week, ANOTHER fire struck Boystown. This is third fire in recent months, leaving people displaced.

Bryan Christopher Shades and his boyfriend Nick Freimann barely escaped the fire. I am told they lost their cat.
 Bryan is in the IC Unit at University of Chicago.

Bryan has 1st/2nd degree burns on 20% of his body, mostly on his back,
and has been in the hospital for the past week. He had 70+ staples put  in his back. Nick is okay and
uninjured, but Bryan’s cat Buffy died of smoke inhalation. To add to this painful situation, Bryan does not have health insurance.

Please join us on Wednesday night, Feb. 29th.  Hydrate has graciously volunteered
to host a benefit to help; all proceeds will go toward Bryan’s medical

Your $10 donation to Bryan’s medical fund includes a Hosted Bar 9:00p-10:30p.

Raffle Prizes
50/50 Raffle

UPDATE    11:30  am  2-29-2012

Bryan sent us this note –

I was just released into my families care.
 I guess at this point, they
say nothing else can be done for the 1st degree burns.
 I have a
“bioBrain” on my back and they said, there is little more then can do
then wait for it to heal and peel off.

All I can do at this point is get
plenty of bed rest and wait for my body heal itself. I’m at my mothers in the
burbs now.

 Ugh, I hope I feel better soon. I miss my life.