Steve Starchild….Has the X Factor

Over the last month, Chicago’s  STEVE  STARCHILD has been uploading videos on YouTube.
He is 22, a singer and songwriter, and on the road to Rock-Stardom!

This boy can sing!   And those abs –  wow!

In his newest video,
he is hitting the streets of Chi-city for a middle-of-the-night
CTA adventure!
Check out his own recording and video for one of Gaga’s
greatest, MARRY THE NIGHT! It’s pretty awesome!

GAGAISM  says, “Whenever a Lady Gaga single is released, it’s only a matter of time
before fans and musicians take to YouTube to upload their own covers and
parodies. Once in a while, one of these videos catapults a new artist
to fame, as with Greyson Chance and Maria Aragon.

Steve [Starchild] might just be the next person to hit it big after
releasing a Gaga cover. His take on “Marry The Night” is unique and far
less “out-there” than Lady Gaga’s, yet it feels true to the song.
Furthermore, Starchild strongly exhibits a star power and charisma that
is sure to woo the ladies (and gentlemen) who watch his video.”

This guy, is one to watch!  It’s just a matter of time until he has a record deal!

Steve Starchild YouTube Channel