UBER New Chicago Black Car Service Taxi

Going to a nice party and you’re all dressed up…and you have to crawl into a dirty smelly yellow cab? ICK!

What about fighting for a cab on a busy Saturday night? How fun is that? Especially if it is freezing cold outside?!

 Personal car service has arrived in Chicago!  UBER.  Everyone’s private driver. A black car service, on demand, from your phone!  What could be easier? While most black car or executive car services require a 24 hour advanced notice, this is on demand.

For years I have used black car services in New York City. But still, you usually need to give some kind of advance notice.

Now you can request a car from any mobile phone—text message, iPhone and Android apps. Uber will send the nearest driver to pick you up, and text message you an estimated arrival time. Cars usually arrive within 5-10 minutes. You can even track your driver right from  your phone.

Your licensed professional driver will park curbside in a sleek black car. Uber will text you again when the car arrives. Hop in the car, tell the driver your destination and you’ll be on your way.

The fee’s are automatically charged to your credit card on file, and  tip is included.  No fuss with money and change. It is the law in Chicago, a cab driver MUST take your credit card. But how many times do they grumble or say their machine is broken?!

We’re changing the way people are getting around by offering a convenient, cashless, and stylish on demand car request service from your mobile phone.”

Sign up with Uber.com and download the app. It’s that easy!

Sign up at UBER  or by downloading the app and inputting “BESTGAY”. These special promo codes for our readers will get your $10 off your first ride.

Sure it’s a few dollars more than a cab. But it’s worth it to arrive in style and comfort. For me, I found it most economical to ride from Boystown to downtown for events, via Lake Shore Drive.  If the cars have to cut  through the city,and zig zag in traffic, the bill can get a little higher. But it’s about convenience. And a luxury ride.

 Uber takes GPS data from your ride and charges for distance or time depending on your speed. When your Uber is traveling over 11mph, they charge a distance fee. When your Uber is traveling at or below 11mph, they charge a time fee. There is never  extra charges for late night rides, weekend rides, extra passengers, or luggage fees, it’s always the same rate.

“We carefully select which fleet partners we work with and ensure that they have all the proper licensing. We’ve also implemented a rating system for drivers. If his or her rating goes beneath a certain level, we will no longer do business with them. We’re careful to maintain a standard of only doing business with quality, licensed drivers.

When Uber was started it was a service used by us and our friends. We will never allow our friends to be put into an uncomfortable or dangerous situation because of our service.  One of the most important points about Uber service is to get away from those types of situations when looking for transportation around the city.

Currently “UBER – Your Private Driver” in 7 cities:
San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, Boston, Washington, DC, Paris   and now  Chicago!