2012 – Get The Body You Want with Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping

This year, as I turned 45, I realized my body WAS NOT what it used to be.

When I had to  buy a bigger pant size, THAT WAS IT. ENOUGH. I am getting my body back. I did just quit smoking – now I need to back on a fitness regimen.

A friend told me Farrell’s  Extreme Body Shaping was about to open in Lincoln Park. I looked at the photos, talked to the owner (who is gay) and joined!

Farrell’s located on 821 W. Blackhawk Street in Lincoln Park is the newest of the FXB facilities. (Right near North and Clybourn). 

It is owned and operated by Jason Hedden and Bret Sharp.  Jason is a long-time member, Instructor and Coach in the FXB program.  He began his journey in 2007 having lost 32 pounds in 10 Weeks and 9% body-fat. 

He has a background in Martial Arts and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon.  He has managed and operated two facilities in Iowa.  He moved to Chicago from Iowa with his husband, Danny, in order to open his own FXB facility.

“Our fitness facilities provide a
family atmosphere where everyone, regardless of their beginning fitness level,
feels welcome.  We stand proudly on our track record of helping real
people see real results.  Our graduation rate is very strong.  More
than 80% of people who begin our 10-Week program, finish, and everyone who
completes the 10-Week Challenge will see results.”  says  Jason.

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping®
is a body changing, life-style transforming fitness program designed to help you quickly improve your fitness level.

“In ten weeks, our students make positive, permanent changes to their health, strength, appearance and confidence.”

Farrell’s is different than the traditional health club, gym or fitness center. 

Every class is an instructor led group fitness experience.  Your coach and teammates are always right there to help you stay motivated and to push you to find your level 10.

Farrell’s® 10-Week Challenge combines exercise through fitness kickboxing and strength training, nutrition, a coach, certified instructors, teammates and a $1000 contest to motivate you to transformation. The Farrell’s team will lead you to a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, increased lean muscle mass and complete body transformation.


First session launches in just a couple weeks!

Make it your New Years Resolution, like I did, to live a better, healthier, more fit lifestyle!

Call Jason  for more details

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Farrells  Extreme Body Shaping Chicago