3 Men Acquitted in Chicago Gay Bashing


Sean Little, Benjamin Eder, and Kevin McAndrew were acquitted this week in the beating of gay man Daniel Hauff on a Chicago ‘L’ train in January 2010. A judge found the three Evanston men innocent!!  WTF?!

A cell phone photo may have captured the
punch of a gay Chicago man by one of three Evanston men accused of
beating him on the CTA Red Line because of his sexual orientation.

But a Cook County judge acquitted the three
Wednesday, questioning the credibility of Daniel Hauff, the victim who
was cross-examined for about seven hours during the trial.

I happen to know Daniel personally – and this is appalling these 3 are getting off the hook!

the Sun-Times reports:

“The victim is not to be believed,” Judge Cannon said. “His inability to recall who did what is understandable. His inability to recall what he did the day after this incident is not understandable.”

Hauff, 35, testified during a bench
trial last month about what happened to him between 2 and 3 a.m. Jan.
10, 2010, as he rode the northbound CTA Red Line L toward his home.

He said the three men punched and kicked
him while calling him a “stupid faggot” after he asked them to stop gay
bashing another young man on the train. He replied dozens of times on
cross-examination that he couldn’t remember — where he’d been earlier
that night, who he spoke with the next day and more.

“We don’t choose our victims and we
don’t choose our witnesses,” Assistant State’s Attorney Dan Kirk said
during closing arguments. “This picture” he said, holding up the cell
phone photo a witness took of Eder punching Hauff, “is a perfect

The witness who took the photos turned
out to be a convicted drug dealer, defense attorneys pointed out. And
his testimony was at odds with Hauff’s.

It’s very sad the system did not work. And three haters got off.