Fundraiser for Patty the Pin Lady Thursday Nov. 17th at Cocktail

Since 1995  she has raised over $50,000 far various AIDS organizations including  VITAL BRIDGES.

Patty Latham   aka  Patty the Pin Lady  is frequently seen around Halsted taking donations for red ribbons, candy, gum, and she marches in the  AIDS WALK and also hosts bar parties from time to time.

Now, she needs our help. She has been battling cancer and trying to raise some money to help cover her medical expenses.

Thursday, Nov. 17th  6-8pm,
there will be a benefit for her at
Cocktail, 3359 N. Halsted.

There will be a cover charge and food and drink specials, and all the proceeds will go towards Patti’s medical bills.

She has done so much to help others, now we have the opportunity to repay her kindness and generosity.