Occupy Chicago to Occupy City Hall Today!

is making no friends this week. 

Peace and social justice activists upset at Chicago police harassment of Occupy Chicago and verbal threats against those planning to protest the May 2012 G8/NATO summits will launch a non-violent action dubbed “Occupy City Hall” beginning at 1:30 PM, Wednesday, October 26 at the intersection of LaSalle and Jackson.  The action will include a march on City Hall.
In light of the City’s arrests of peaceful Occupy Chicago protesters exercising their 1st Amendment rights last Saturday night and the Saturday before that, activists will be demanding that the City drop all the charges against the protesters.  During and after the arrests, senior CPD officers and other city officials repeatedly remarked that the City’s arrests of over 300 were a dry run for crackdowns on anti-G8/NATO protesters next May.

In addition to dropping the charges against Occupy Chicago participants, we will also be demanding that the City allow a permanent 1st Amendment encampment for the Occupy movement, just as many other major cities now do.