New Gay Parties Set To Rock Chicago! Oct. 13

A new party concept is about to take Chicago by storm!

a new and exciting concept, which cleverly and uniquely allows people to finally address that serious, and unspoken subject — FEAR via entertainment and merriment.

Think you’re fearless?     Think again.

There are an infinite number of phobias (multiplying daily) with over 500 medical related phobias listed online.  Some phobias have never been appropriately labeled.  There are phobias with tongue-twisting pronunciations that might have been too difficult and fearful for even Einstein to attempt to pronounce.  –  Hippopotomnstrosesquipedaliophobia –  fear of long words.

What scares YOU?   What do YOU fear?

clowns – coulrophobia          
snakes – snakephobia           
spiders – aracnophobia         
bogeyman – bogyphobia
heights – acrophobia                   
confined spaces – claustrophobia

Producer and phobia visionary,
Will Harrison aka visuwil® of visuwil LLC.
is known for his creative, whimsical, and edgy theme settings.

To express and bring to life his phobia theme, he incorporates extraordinary costumed artists, extravagantly masked models, 3D props, eye-popping decor, stimulating live music, and, of course, your favorite flow of libations all staged within a selected nightlife or social environment.

Experience the incredible fun and fear of EVENT-A-PHOBIA!

 Do you dare come to our sneak preview? 
Do you dare enter this unusual realm of phobias? 
Do you dare attempt to face your own personal fears?

Be brave — take a deep breath and get ready to be AFRAID. 

Come experience the EVENT of all EVENTS!!!
DJ Phil DaBeatz

EVENT-A-PHOBIA™ parties make it FUN to play with your fears — “visualize your innermost fear … and play with it”

Thursday, Oct, 13th  HYDRATE  11pm-4am        3458 N. Halsted